Emmerdale Spoilers: Declan Macey is charged with Alex’s murder! And police quiz him over Katie’s disappearance too! (VIDEO)

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There are dark times ahead for Declan Macey (Jason Merrells) next week when, after the police identify the remains on Home Farm’s land as those of Alex Moss, he’s arrested and quizzed about his involvement in the farmhand’s death, and about his wife Katie’s disappearance!

Katie (Sammy Winward) is of course alive and well, and merely scarpered, afraid of Declan’s reaction when Alex’s body is found, but until the police establish her whereabouts, Declan is looking like a prime suspect on several counts…

The drama begins on Monday, August 19 when the police call at Home Farm, wanting to talk to him again. He soon learns that one of the workmen on the site has told the police about a suspicious object that was found, and that Declan paid him to keep quiet.

Declan fears he could be in serious trouble when the police flash a warrant to start digging…

On Wednesday, with the police continuing to look into Declan’s statement, and want to know more about his relationship with Katie, Declan’s frustrations increase.

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When the police then reveal that the body they found has been buried, dug up, and then reburied, all within Home Farm grounds, they insist on a lockdown. Declan thinks it’s game over, and the festival is cancelled. Megan (Gaynor Faye) however urges him not to throw in the towel so soon…

On Thursday, as rumours are rife over the festival being cancelled, the police return to Home Farm and Declan is arrested for perverting the course of justice.

At the station, and as mentioned above, he undergoes vigorous questioning over Katie’s disappearance too, and soon becomes frantic when he’s charged with murder!

A helpless Declan continues to protest his innocence as the police demand answers about the body and Katie’s whereabouts. Clutching at straws, he suggests they speak to her best friend Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and later, Declan’s relieved when Chas confirms to the police that Katie left the village of her own free will.

But that still leaves the issue of Alex!

Don’t miss that drama next week, but for now, here’s a look at what’s coming up this week…

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