Emmerdale Spoilers: Declan Macey will set out to ruin the Barton family!

When he finds out that his daughter Mia is once again seeing cheating Adam Barton, doting dad Declan Macey vows to ruin the entire Barton family!

According to MSN, Declan – who’s played by Jason Merrells – will first learn that the couple are once again an item in forthcoming episodes, but of course, he knows that Adam had an affair with Mia’s mother Ella, but Mia has no idea.

Jason said of the storyline, “He’s [Declan] going to follow through on his threat, and his threat was he’s going to go for the whole family.”

As viewers will know, Declan agreed a business deal with John Barton, which it seems Declan now intends to get out of in order to ruin the family’s hope of ever owning their own farm.

Jason added, “He begins to demand prompt payment for the mortgage. He’s helped them with the mortgage and he’s going to withdraw all of his money eventually.”

And it seems that Declan will feel he’s been forced to tell his daughter Mia about her mother’s betrayal in order to stop her seeing Adam.

Jason said, “He feels he’s driven to it as the alternative is he just lets her carry on having a relationship with this kid that’s done this terrible thing…

“Slept with her own mother and carried on sleeping with her. And he can’t let that carry on so his only choice is to tell.

“He doesn’t want to. He specifically tried not to, but they forced him into that position.

“He is able to comfort her somewhat, and the end of the day he’s all she’s got now…

But it’s obvious why he didn’t tell her sooner because he didn’t want to hurt her.”

And of Declan’s motivation to ruin the Bartons, Jason said, “It is more a cold rage that’s fuelled by terrible things that have happened to him.”

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