Emmerdale Spoilers: Ella plays dirty to split up Declan and Katie

The shocking new development in Declan Macy’s love life is set to turn many heads, but one in particular will spin 360 in an attempt to destroy his new relationship with Katie Sugden, his ex wife, Ella’s!

With the end of his relationship with Ella (Corrinne Wicks) still smoking from the train crash that came after her affair with daughter, Mia’s (Sapphire Elia), boyfriend, Adam (Adam Thomas), Declan (Jason Merrells) has found great, and somewhat surprising, comfort in the arms of Stable manager, Katie Sugden (Sammie Winward).

Whilst many of the village gossips (doesn’t rule out many) will be surprised at how quick he has moved on from his ex wife, but none so much as ex wife, Ella, herself.

Convinced that he would take her back after she explained her latest affair was an attention seeking game to get Declan to take more notice of her (a plan that back fired as soon as it involved her daughters boyfriend), Ella is left furious at the prospect that he has replaced her so quickly, and makes her new game one focused on splitting the pair up.

Her attempts, including telling daughter, Mia, that her father was having an affair with Katie before they split up, all fail, and in response to the tornado of destruction flung in Katie’s direction, she decides to take matters into her own hands, and play Ella at her own game!

“Because she wants to annoy Ella after Ella warns her to stay away from Declan, Katie thinks, ‘Right, what’s the perfect place for everybody to find out we’ve been on a date?’,” Winward commented. “The B&B, with Val as our waitress. Val will tell everybody! The only thing Ella can do is use Mia, because that’s Declan’s weak point and that’s a nasty thing to do. Katie makes it clear she won’t be Declan’s secret and she also respects Mia’s feelings. But I don’t think it’s the end of it – hopefully Mia will come round.”

Who will win in the battle of the blonde bombshells?