Emmerdale Spoilers: Fiona Wade talks Priya Sharma’s eating disorder & it’s long reaching consequences

by Anna Howell


Priya Sharma hasn’t had the easiest of times in Emmerdale recently so it is now wonder that the stress is starting to take its toll on the young barmaid!

Having been dumped by the man she loves, the day before their wedding then having to watch him walk into the sunset and marry someone else, all the while carrying his baby, Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) is understandably close to breaking point.

But things are getting serious, as fans have watched over the past few weeks as Priya has gone from avoiding the odd meal to out and out eating disorder in a subconscious bid to regain some control over her life again, and according to Fiona Wade, who plays the troubled villager, the storyline is one that people can relate to!

Discussing the storyline on Lorraine earlier this week, Wade explained that some events over the next week will serve as a ‘wakeup call’ to her alter ego. She told the presenter that her character has been ‘burying’ a few issues, which will all come to the fore this month.

Fiona doesn’t see the eating disorder being written out or moved past any time soon either and insisted that there will be a ‘long journey’ ahead for Priya, as she tackles her ‘serious issues’

She said:

“It is not something that is taken lightly….’ but revealed that Priya will pick a confidante this week who will really help her in moving forward.

priya leyla emmerdale (12)

The actress went on to reveal the extensive research she has put into the role. Wade has made contact with an eating disorder psychiatrist consultant, who she ‘constantly’ emails and rings when she gets her new scripts.

She praised the writers and producers on Emmerdale, telling Lorraine that the writing has been ‘brilliant’ with conveying the ‘little details’ and the nuances of living with an eating disorder and she hopes the care and attention that has been taken will help the ‘many people who can relate to this storyline.’

Wade continued:

“It has been really, really amazing. I feel so lucky and thankful that they are writing for me so well. I had a great storyline last year with the love triangle and everything and this has just been a great follow-through really after that.’

The brunette beauty has been overjoyed to have another storyline that ‘you can get your teeth into’ and that has required her to ‘research and work hard’. Apparently it’s all about the ‘challenge.’

Emmerdale continues on Monday night at 7pm on ITV1 / ITV1 HD – Watch the full interview with Fiona in the clip below:

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