Emmerdale Spoilers: Former Hollyoaks actor, Anthony Quinlan introduces his new character, Pete Barton!

by Anna Howell

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Ever since arriving in the village of Emmerdale, Ross Barton has caused nothing but trouble and misery!

First of all he car-jacked a terrified Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) then had her arrested for assaulting him, making him no friends in the process until he redeemed himself somewhat by throwing himself in front of a car to save little Gabby Thomas.

However his popularity was very short lived as fans watched in horror as, whilst he was trying to make a quick exit, the men who were after him held his aunt Moira (Natalie J Robb) back whilst they launched a savage and brutal attack on her son Adam (Adam Thomas) in one of the most violent and harrowing scenes ever witnessed in a soap.

So, with that in mind, we wonder what the arrival of the rest of the Barton clan will mean for the sleepy village of Emmerdale.

One of Moira’s late husband’s relatives moving to the village is Pete Barton, the eldest Barton son, and former Hollyoaks actor Anthony Quinlan who is set to play him has been discussing what we can expect with Digital Spy!

Describing his new character with the publication Quinlan, who is best known for playing Gilly Roach in Hollyoaks, explained:

“Pete is the eldest of three brothers and he’s essentially a good guy. He’s not the brightest guy in terms of education, but he’s followed his father’s footsteps into farming, which was kind of forced upon him as a child. As Pete got more experience working on a farm, he ultimately decided that it was what he wanted to do.

“People will have seen that Pete’s brother Ross is a bit of a tearaway, and you’ll see that the youngest brother Finn is the brains of the family – he’s been off to university and had an education. I think there’s a few good opportunities for some sibling rivalry over the next few months!”


When the Barton’s are first introduced viewers will see that their farm is in a bit of dire straits, on which Quinlan commented:

“Pete blames his dad James for that. For the past couple of years, they’ve had no contact with Ross, so James has been spending all of his time looking for him. Because of that, James has neglected the farm a little bit and left it in Pete’s hands.

“Pete is capable when it comes to work, but it’s a big task to take on for just one person. Finn does deal with the accounts, but Pete is the one who’s doing most of the hands-on work. There are certain deals which James is holding out for which aren’t coming through, so they’re in dire straits.

“From the perspective of an outsider looking in, you’d think that Pete and James get along well – but the truth of the matter is that Pete resents his father for the situation they’re in now.”

On the transition from Hollyoaks and in particular his controversial exit story which saw him responsible for the rape of Jacqui McQueen, Quinlan concluded:

“I thought the story was great – it was such a sensitive subject to tackle, so it was a real honour to be asked to do it. I had seven great years at Hollyoaks which I thank them for, because those years were brilliant. I had wanted to go off and do other things, and I was pleased that my final storyline was handled in such a dignified way and got everyone talking about the issues we were addressing.

“There are no regrets whatsoever and I had two great actors working alongside me on that storyline – Andy Moss and Claire Cooper. I still speak to the guys now and they’re really good friends of mine. They’re also so professional on set, so it made my life ten times easier!”

Emmerdale can be seen week nights on ITV1 / ITV1 HD – Watch a clip of Anthony in Hollyoaks action below: