Emmerdale Spoilers: Gemma Oaten says Rachel Breckle wants Sam Dingle! And see Gabby Thomas stealing from the Woolpack (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

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There’s love in the air this Valentine’s Day for Rachel Breckle who, according to the lovely Gemma Oaten – who’s played the role of Rachel since 2011 – has rather much fallen for Sam Dingle!

However, for as much as her parents love young Gabby Thomas (Annelise Manojlovic) she’s proving to be something of a handful as not only does she steal from the Woolpack till this week, she’s also set to be caught drinking at school.

First, of what Gemma’s had to say of Rachel’s feelings for Sam Dingle (James Hooton) she told Soaplife, “Rachel can’t really work how she’s got to the point of liking someone like Sam Dingle! He’s not her type at all.

“So it’s a bit of a shock when Ali and Ruby start getting involved, and Lisa starts questioning what Rachel wants from Sam.”

Ali (Kelli Hollis) and Ruby (Alicia Eyo) “get involved” after they discover that a Valentine’s Day card found in baby Archie’s pram isn’t – as Rachel presumed – from Sam and was instead from Rachel’s niece Amelia and Sam’s son, Samson.

But as it’s evident that Rachel wanted it to be from Sam, Ali and Ruby begin to question if such a relationship could ever work.

However, of the Valentine’s Day card misunderstanding, Gemma said, “It’s so sweet the way she reacts to it because she’s actually chuffed to bits.

“It’s kind of like confirmation that she’s been right to have the feelings she’s been having for Sam.”

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But there’s humiliation ahead for Rachel as Gemma added, “She goes to see him and Sam tells her it was from Samson and Amelia.

“She’s embarrassed, humiliated but ultimately she’s heartbroken. It’s a side of Rachel we’ve never seen before.”

Of how Sam reacts to the whole incident, Gemma said, “He tells her they can only be friends.

“But he only says this because everyone is interfering, supposedly for his own good.

“Actually, I think Sam is feeling very different to what he tells Rachel.”

And finally, when asked, “Would they make a good couple?” Gemma replied, “An absolutely amazing one!

“When I watch them – me watching as myself – on screen together, it just seems to be a really genuine partnership.

“Plus, it’s a bonus for me because I adore James. We’re great friends in real life and I think that definitely comes across on screen.”

As mentioned, we’ll see that drama next week, but back now to Gabby’s appalling behavior, and it all seems to be primarily because she wants attention.

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The clip below shows Gabby stealing from the till at the pub, and later on in the week, she’ll be in serious trouble at school when she takes in a bottle of vodka and is caught drinking it with her friends!

Here’s the clip…

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    Awwww I think they’d make a great couple. Wasn’t keen on her at first but I love her now and I can’t wait to see how she handles it when the father of her baby is revealed

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