Emmerdale Spoilers: Jai’s frantic to find his son & worried Val’s under pressure! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly
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In the first of a double-bill of episodes of Emmerdale that air on Thursday 23 January, Sam’s beside himself with panic over where Rachel has gone, and he presses Cain to get him two fake passports so he can try and follow her.

Meanwhile, Jai’s fuming and calls a solicitor while also hiring a private detective. He’s determined to flush Rachel out somehow…

Soon, Jai’s given a shock to learn he isn’t on Archie’s birth certificate, and Ali takes the brunt of Jai’s anger when he raids her work locker for evidence and then lets himself into her home to find clues. Later, Ali returns home to two bombshells from Jai, not only is she sacked, he’s evicting her too!

Elsewhere, Val and Pollard are frosty with each other, and Eric’s hurt that she won’t tell him what he’s done wrong. But Val’s frantic as she’s unable to tell him the truth.

val eric emmerdale

In the café, Diane suggests that she and Val should have a chat, but while she pops to the loom, Val’s flummoxed to see Ian appear. She quickly ushers him, out leaving her bag, which is clocked by Brenda while a furious Diane spots them leaving.

Outside, having dodged Pollard, Val is harangued by Ian. He’s adamant that he’s not leaving until she tells him what he wants to know. With Diane also on her back, will Val admit the truth?

Meanwhile, James and Peter are optimistic about a new tenant farm that’s up for grabs, buth they return frustrated from the appointment, disappointed as it was well out of their price range.

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They realise they’re stuck living with Moira for longer, unless they can find cash and fast. Later, while alone, Pete takes out a bag of pills from his bag. What’s he planning?

Also, Harriet thinks she’s got a date with Dom when he says Gemma is stuck with some homework, but Ashley suspects Harriet is heading for a fall.

And finally, a frustrated David tries to talk to Alicia about getting Leyla to move out, but it’s Leyla’s first day at the factory, so Alicia doesn’t want to upset her.

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In the second episode, the Spencer family arrives home to see the house has been trashed. Ali slams out, determined to sort it once and for all. On Main Street, she overhears Megan say the insurance company have accepted that Rachel was to blame for the fire.

Meanwhile, Jai pushes his private investigator to find Rachel, telling them he’ll do whatever it takes to get his son back. Ali then storms in and confronts Jai, and he reiterates that she’s sacked and that he wants them out of the house…

Rishi thinks Jai has gone too far and tries to talk sense into him, saying that surely Jai needs Ali close if he’s trying to find Rachel? Will his dad’s words prompt Jai to revoke his decision?

Later, Ali finds herself telling Dan the truth about Rachel, but will she regret it?

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Elsewhere, Leyla jumps at the chance to look after Jacob, but Alicia dreads telling her she has to move out. Jacob and Leyla agree to stay in, and Leyla relishes spending time with her son. But is her happiness at being around Jacob set to be short lived?

Meanwhile, a dolled up Harriet heads out to see Dom and Gemma, with a bottle of wine in hand to lubricate their evening together. But poor Harriet is soon shamefaced when she realises she got the wrong end of the stick and it wasn’t a date after all. Gemma really did need help with her homework!

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At the B&B, Eric’s overslept, but Val explains it’s fine as she’s cancelled all the bookings. Later, she sits Pollard down and tells him about her holiday romance with Ian, and though he’s shocked, he says he thinks they can get past it. But will she tell him the real truth?

Also, Vanessa’s intrigued to think Pete’s flirting with her, and Adam’s determined to prove himself with Katie, but struggles.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up…

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