Emmerdale Spoilers: Kelly Hollis says Ali Spencer does not know where Rachel has gone!

by Anna Howell
emmerdale ali rachel

emmerdale ali rachel

Last night on Emmerdale viewers witnessed Rachel Breckle issued with a heart breaking ultimatum, and as the drama continues tonight we will see her choice and its consequences.

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know how Charity (Emma Atkins) has sunk to new low levels since Christmas as she has set about framing her own cousin, Sam (James Hooton) for the arson attack that burned down Home Farm, nearly killing Megan Macey (Gaynor Faye) in the process.

Charity has a few reasons for this absolute family betrayal, the first one, and surprisingly less important one, is to gain half the insurance money from the owner of the property, and actual fire starter, Declan Macey (Jason Merelles).

The second, and far more sinister one, was to force Sam, and his fiancĂ©e Rachel (Gemma Oaten) and her child who happens to have been fathered by Charity’s husband, Jai (Chris Bisson) on the run when it became clear that Sam was a suspect.

Unfortunately Sam, who knows he is innocent, did not take the hint and was eventually arrested and held in remand without bail following an attempted attack on the arresting police officers, meaning that skipping town is no longer an option for him.

Starting to feel the guilt of her failed actions, Charity decided during last night’s show that the only option left was to tell Rachel what she had done and force her to confess to the crime and then skip town with baby Archie, meaning that Sam is released, but that Jai still loses his child and Charity gets her hands on the insurance money.

As the storyline continues we will see Rachel do as Charity asks, telling only her sister Ali (Kelli Hollis) her plans and causing Jai to panic when she doesn’t turn up in court.

Jai’s response is to turn to Ali, but as Kelli Hollis the actress who plays her has revealed, not even she knows for sure where Rachel is.

Discussing the storyline with Digital Spy, Hollis explained:

“Ali is struggling with what Rachel has done because she thinks there should be and could be an alternative. But Rachel is obviously not willing to take that chance.

“She doesn’t [know where Rachel is]! Ali may have her suspicions of where Rachel is, but Rachel may actually not be in those places. Rachel doesn’t tell Ali too much because she wouldn’t want to put her under any more pressure or have her telling more lies.”

rachel, jai, emmerdale

In an attempt to get her to talk, Jai ends up sacking Ali and evicting her and her family from their home, on which Hollis commented:

“Ali thinks it’s totally unfair, but somewhere further down inside, she does feel for Jai as well. Obviously he’s lost his son and Ali does want to tell him what’s going on, but Rachel is her priority and that’s what she is concentrating on.

“Ali basically has to lie through her back teeth! She tries to convince him that it’s not her responsibility and he shouldn’t really be taking it out on her.

“Ali doesn’t do it intentionally, but she uses the fact that Rishi is a soft touch and that Rishi believes she’s telling the truth. She latches onto him a bit, but Ali struggles with the whole thing. She’s not happy about having to tell lies and having to blag her way through to protect her own family.”

In the end the pressure gets too much for Ali who ends up confiding in her ex-husband Dan (Liam Fox), as Hollis explains:

“Ali just can’t cope with it, and in the end there are repercussions and after-effects which could be quite serious for other people. Ali is the one having to stand back and watch the whole thing unfold and she just can’t stand it anymore.

“It’s a situation where she doesn’t want to put any more upset on Ruby, so she confides in Dan instead. Dan does badger her a little bit, but she genuinely feels that he can be trusted and it’s not too close to home.”

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV1 / ITV1 HD – Watch Gemma Oaten, who plays Rachel Breckle, discussing her exit storyline in the clip below: