Emmerdale Spoilers: Kerry Wyatt starts a fire while drunk! Can anyone get to Sarah and baby Jack?! (VIDEO)


It’s no secret that Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) isn’t the most responsible person in the world, and next week – after rows with her daughter Amy and with her boyfriend Andy Sugden – she goes on a drunken bender…

However, after Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) storms off – leaving Kerry to calm down – what he doesn’t know is that his ex, Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) has dropped Sarah and baby Jack off, and because Kerry covers how drunk she is, Debbie has no qualms about leaving the kids with her.

But disaster strikes after Kerry has sent Sarah to bed – and had her put Jack in his cot – when, after lighting a cigarette, she passes out and the lit cigarette smolders before igniting into a fire.

Meanwhile, unaware of the deadly drama at home, Andy visits Amy (Chelsea Halfpenny) to apologise to her for the way her mother’s been behaving, and – plucking up all her courage – Amy asks Andy if, were he not dating her mother, there be a chance for the two of them…


In the next episode, as smoke seeps out under the door of Dale View cottage, Sarah, who’s unable to wake Kerry, makes her way home, however, when she sees her mum’s out, she rushes into the pub.

Meanwhile, inside Dale View, the fire’s taken hold and Kerry remains passed out while baby Jack is alone upstairs…


Sarah then raises the alarm when she finds Cain, Moira, Andy and Amy in the pub, and they all race to the cottage while Bob calls the fire brigade. Through the flames, Cain dashes upstairs to get Jack while Amy and Andy head in for Kerry, who remains unconscious.

Will everyone make it out alive or will Kerry’s negligence claim lives? Find out next week! For now, here’s a look at this week’s drama…




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