Emmerdale Spoilers: Kerry Wyatt’s jealous when she sees Chas Dingle & Dan Spencer sharing a hug! (VIDEO)

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Even though pub landlady Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) wed mechanic Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) it was a short-lived marriage because of course, it was on the night of their wedding that Chas’s current fiancé, Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) killed Carl King, but let Chas believe she had!

So in the aftermath of that horrible trauma – Chas was of course remanded in custody pending her trial – Dan realised that Chas didn’t truly love him, and she was of course forced to admit that that was indeed the case.

However, Dan is now with Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) and though their relationship is a less than stable and stormy one, they’re happy enough with it in their own way…

So next week, when Kerry spots Chas and Dan in an embrace, she’s set to get a bad case of the green-eyed monsters, but the question is, what’s she going to do about what she saw?

Can she really bring herself to have a stand-up brawl with Chas when she’s grieving for her dead sister Gennie? But even if she can’t, it’s not like Kerry to let a thing go…

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Find out next week how she handles her jealousy, but for now, here’s a look at what’s coming up in this week’s episodes…

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