Emmerdale Spoilers: Laurel Thomas thinks she’s tracked down her attacker, but is she losing it?! (VIDEO)

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Fans of Emmerdale will know that poor Laurel Thomas was subjected to a terrifying ordeal when she was the victim of a carjacking last week, and though she wasn’t physically injured during the terrifying attack, the emotional scars are beginning to show.

The drama begins on Monday, July 15th when Marlon (Mark Charnock) tells Sandy (Freddie Jones) that Laurel’s still not herself after the carjacking, and he hopes her former father-in-law will have a talk with her…

Agreeing to do so, Sandy calls round to see Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) and he tells her that he was once mugged himself. He then suggests checking pawn shops or the internet for the stolen items, and buoyed by his words, she gets straight online.

Later, Marlon’s worried when Laurel calls him home to tell him that she thinks she’s found Arthur’s stolen game console online. He’s also alarmed when Laurel tells him she can find the carjacker now.

He tells her to leave it, or call the police, and she reluctantly agrees not to pursue it, however, unbeknownst to Marlon, in Tuesday’s episode, Laurel convinces Paddy (Dominic Brunt) to give her a lift into town…

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However, he’s horrified to realise he’s potentially taken Laurel to the carjacker’s house when she blurts out the purpose of the trip. He tries to keep her in the car, but she’s determined, leaving Paddy no choice but to go after her.

An old lady opens the door, and invites Laurel to see the DS console, which Laurel becomes convinced is Arthur’s. She asks Doris how she got it, and the old lady replies that she got it from her grandson. But Doris is shocked when Laurel accuses her grandson of being a carjacker!

But just then, Laurel’s blood runs cold as Doris’s grandson Dean arrives. Has she come face to face with her attacker?

Well, we’ll have to wait to find out, but by the time we see Thursday s episode, when Laurel admits to Marlon that she’s struggling with the prospect of driving again, he tells her he’ll get rid of the car.

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Back at home, a frightened Laurel freaks out when she thinks the delivery man is her attacker, then later, while she’s alone at home, a sudden noise leaves her petrified…

Don’t miss that drama next week, but for now, here’s a look at what’s ahead this week…

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