Emmerdale Spoilers: Lesley Dunlop feared her character, Brenda Walker, would be killed off in brain tumour storyline!

by Anna Howell

Emmerdale actress, Lesley Dunlop, has revealed that she was worried that her character might be killed off during her current brain tumour storyline!

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know how Lesley’s character, Brenda Walker, is currently experiencing headaches and black outs which, as we saw last night, are beginning to worry her, and her family.

Brenda, who has just entered into a relationship with her business partner, Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) began experiencing ‘zone outs’ whilst talking to her daughter, Gennie (Sian Reese-Williams) mid conversation.

The situation then intensified when, during a conversation with Georgia (Trudy Goodwin) she not only blacked out, but poured boiling hot tea into the mosses basket holding her granddaughter Molly, luckily missing the tot and sparing her from a trip to the hospital.

Originally suspecting that her mum had gone back to her wine drinking days, Gennie confronted an angry and hurt Brenda who refused to babysit for anymore, but when the pair made up and Brenda was reemployed in her babysitting duties, it became very clear to see that Brenda was worried for herself as she checked in son-in-law Nikhil’s (Rik Makarem) medical journal to check her symptoms, and looked more than alarmed at the results.

It turns out that Brenda has been suffering with an undetected brain tumour which comes to light later this week after Brenda crashes her car and is taken to hospital where doctors make the diagnosis.

Brenda is told that she requires life-saving surgery immediately but, after some soul searching it is not known if she will go under the knife, or if her relationship with Bob will survive.

Now, with the storyline about to get into full swing, Lesley Dunlop who plays Brenda has revealed to the Daily Star newspaper that she was worried that she may have been out of a job when she first read the plot, explaining:

“The first thing I asked was, ‘Does she die?’. I didn’t know if I was still in a job or not!

“Like Brenda is, I was scared because a storyline like this is such a huge undertaking and huge responsibility, it has to be done right.”

Watch Lesley Dunlop and Tony Audenshaw’s Born To Shine performance in the clip below: