Emmerdale Spoilers: Lisa Dingle wants Belle to go on the pill after she catches the teen snogging Luke! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

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In upcoming episodes of Emmerdale, we’re set to see teenager Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) getting into trouble with her mum Lisa after the worried parent catches Belle and her boyfriend Luke snogging on the sofa!

Belle has of course only recently started dating Luke – who formerly went out with her best friend Gemma – and is finding she’s a tad out of her depth in the grown-up world of romance, but like most teens, she’s desperate to “fit in” and that means having a boyfriend.

However, as mentioned, when Lisa (Jane Cox) is alerted by her niece Debbie (Charley Webb) that Belle and Luke may be up to no good, she races home and reacts furiously to seeing the teenagers canoodling.

But after she’s throw Luke out, Lisa begins to think that rather than railing against her daughter growing up, she should instead make sure that she doesn’t end up with an unwanted pregnancy, so she’ll make an appointment for Belle to visit the GP to discuss going on the pill…

And of course, Belle is going to be horribly embarrassed by her mum’s actions.

Of the plotline, a show insider told the Daily Star, “Debbie was a young schoolgirl herself when she got pregnant with Sarah so she, more than anyone, knows what can happen when teenagers start getting it on.

“She tells Lisa out of concern for Belle.

“Obviously, Belle is mortified when her mum shows up and reads her the riot act.

“She feels humiliated and fears it will lead to the end of her relationship with Luke.

“Belle is having her first experiences with boys and it’s all exciting but a bit embarrassing for her, especially when you look at her family.

“She doesn’t feel like she can talk to her family as they wouldn’t understand. But she’s just being a typical teenage girl.

“Her mum and dad are going to struggle to trust her after all the sneaking around and lying she has been doing.”

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We’ll see the drama of Belle and Luke being caught out a week on Tuesday, but for now, here’s a sneak peek look at Debbie getting herself into potentially more trouble…

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