Emmerdale Spoilers: Is love in the air for Bob Hope and Brenda Walker!

by Anna Howell

After what has been a rather quiet year for Emmerdale’s Bob Hope, Tony Audenshaw, the actor who plays the unlucky-in-love cafe owner, has revealed that things may heat up for his character in the New Year – with Brenda Walker!

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know how Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) took a shine to Bob when she first arrived in the village, but Bob did not feel the same way, and ended up sleeping with her daughter, Gennie (Sian Reese-Williams) instead.

Since then Bob and Brenda have continued to work together and have become very close friends, especially when they lost their partners, Terry and Viv, in the arson village attack a few years ago.

Now that their grief is starting to ease over their loss, Bob sees Brenda in a different light when a kiss between her and Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) during a Bronte literature night that Bob has organised results in an attack of the green eyed monster, according to Digital Spy.

Audenshaw revealed: “Brenda has been on the booze all night. Bob and Dan haven’t seen her drinking much, but it looks like she’s leathered all of a sudden. Brenda just makes a grab for Dan and starts kissing him. Bob thinks, ‘Where’s this come from?’

“I think Bob’s shocked and also he’s got that little hint of jealousy. He’s got that relationship with Dan where they’re both competitive with women anyway, and also Brenda looks really nice on that night. She just seems a bit more lively and a laugh than she has been in the past.”

“Bob and Brenda have been close for a long time and they’ve been through a lot together after losing Viv and Terry.

“Brenda used to fancy Bob quite a long time ago and he wasn’t really interested, but you get to a certain age where you realise that it’s not all going to be passion and roses – maybe you just want a bit of companionship.

“Suddenly Bob starts seeing Brenda in a different light.”

Emmerdale is due to air these scenes in January on ITV1/ITV1 HD

Watch Tony Audenshaw and Lesley Dunlop performing together on Born To Shine in the clip below: