Emmerdale Spoilers: Lucy Pargeter & Dominic Power talk us through Gennie’s funeral & reveal what happens to THAT Dictaphone recording! (VIDEO)

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We recently met up with charming Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter, who of course plays unlucky-in-love landlady Chas Dingle, so of course, we tried to get some spoilery type info out of her as to what happens to that all important Dictaphone on which Chas’s half-sister Gennie (Sian Reese-Williams) recorded Cameron Murray’s confession…

Viewers will know that Cameron (Dominic Power) murdered Gennie after finding out that she’d overheard him telling Debbie (Charley Webb) that it was he, not Chas, who killed Carl, but Cameron had no idea that Gennie had recorded his declaration of guilt.

Gennie of course met her maker following a high-speed car chase after Cameron and Debbie went in pursuit of her. That ended with Gennie’s car crashing into a ravine, and she was seriously injured…

But determined that she wouldn’t live to tell Cameron’s tale of murder, he suffocated poor Gennie, and convinced Debbie to tell the police that she’d merely been driving by when she spotted Gennie’s car at the bottom of the ravine.

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Soooo, what now? Well, we are of course going to see Gennie’s funeral in next week’s episodes of the show, and Lucy told us something of what’s going to happen.

She began by saying, “The funeral’s quite interesting because Brenda goes missing, so Chas and Bob want to find her, but Cameron is very determined to stay at the Woolpack…

“Chas is confused by that – even though she’s had months of nudge, nudge hints – so when she gets back, having found Brenda, she looks at Debbie’s house and thinks that she sees Cameron in the window.

“But she goes back to the Woolpack, and sure enough, Cameron’s not there.

“Later, when she asks him about it, he blatantly lies and says he was checking the barrels in the cellar.

“There are a few looks between him and Debbie, and suddenly everything falls into place about what Gennie said and everything else that’s gone before…

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“She puts two and two together and blatantly asks him during the funeral – while the coffin’s being laid at the front of the church – ‘Do you love me?’

“He says ‘Yes’ but she knows he’s lying. And then it’s a question of whether she exposes the whole during her sister’s funeral, whether she keeps it quiet, whether she digs another grave for both of them!

“So the funeral is also the start of a massive storyline for Chas, Cameron and Debbie.”

Dominic Power added, “The audience will know that Chas knows, but Cameron’s oblivious!

“He just wants to make sure he can get Debbie through the funeral without her cracking and exposing what’s happened.

“He’s completely blind to the fact that his s*** is about to hit the fan!”

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Lucy added, “Until literally, as Gennie’s being lowered into the ground, then he looks at Chas then says to Debbie ‘She knows…’

“Chas storms off, and that’s the start of the next chapter.”

Then of course, there’s the question of Gennie’s Dictaphone!

Of that, Lucy teased, “It’s literally a Pandora’s Box, because it’s presented to Chas in a box of Gennie’s things, and it’s then a question of what happens to it.

“Whether she listens to it or whether it just stays there, or who else might get hold of it…

“We’ll have to wait and see!”


Here’s a look at what’s ahead on Emmerdale this week…

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