Emmerdale Spoilers: Lucy Pargeter says “Chas Dingle needs Cameron Murray, there’s no-one else to fight her corner” (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

chas dingle, cameron murray, emmerdale

Fans of Emmerdale will surely know that killer Cameron Murray is headed back to the village, having been away for a couple of weeks visiting his kids in Jersey…

However, he’s not going to be welcomed back with open arms from his lover Chas Dingle, because even though she’s secretly relieved he’s back, she’s furious with him for not contacting her at all while he was away.

And that lack of contact led Chas to believe that Cameron (Dominic Power) had abandoned her and wasn’t going to return to the village.

But as we’ll see in episodes next week, when Chas tells Cameron that she wants to leave the village for good, he’ll try to persuade her that running away isn’t the answer. But when she remains adamant, he’ll propose to her in a bid to make sure she stays put!

And though initially she’ll keep him waiting for an answer, she will eventually say ‘yes’.

Lucy Pargeter, who of course plays Chas, has been talking to ITV about why her character accepts Cameron’s proposal.

She said, “Him being away has made her realise how much she does need that person there – that stability, that one person that’s going to back her up.

“She doesn’t have anyone else. No-one else is going to fight her corner.

“Him not being there makes her even less stable, even less of that original Chas that we love as that hardcore ‘nothing’s going to faze me’ character.

“She’s come to rely on him quite a lot, and need his safety and security.”

cameron murray, chas dingle, emmerdale

But will Cameron make Chas happy in the long run? Well, Lucy hopes so, but before the couple can really start their lives together in the village, Chas has a lot to sort out.

Lucy said, “[Chas needs to] have Cameron back as her right hand man [and] to feel more secure in The Woolpack – for the people and punters to start coming in, so that she’s got an affluent business.

“[She needs] to have a heart-to-heart with Thomas and to find out what his real intentions are, and to make up with her family – or one of her family at least – to make her more secure.

“She’s a Dingle and Dingles don’t survive well on their own!”

Here’s a sneak peek look at Chas and Cameron having a heart to heart when he returns to the village…

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