Emmerdale Spoilers: Matthew Wolfenden says we shouldn’t rule the possibility of a real romance for David Metcalfe and Alicia Gallagher!

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As we reported yesterday, little Jacob Gallagher is going to be left distraught when he realizes that his step-dad David Metcalfe is in a relationship with barmaid Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) because of course, even since his mum Alicia told him that she and David were over, Jacob’s been hoping they’d get back together…

But when he spots David and Priya kissing, he knows that’s unlikely to happen, and David has to face up to what he’s been dreading most; telling Jacob the truth that in fact, he was never in love with Alicia (Natalie Anderson) and that they only married so that he could have custody of the little boy while his mum was in prison.

However, Alicia does of course have feelings for David, and has had for months, so despite wishing him and Priya well, she was devastated to learn that they were an item…

And today, both Digital Spy and The Emmerdaily website carry an interview with Matthew Wolfenden, who of course plays David – and is married to his co-star Charley Webb who plays Debbie Dingle – during which he discusses what’s ahead for his character.

First, Matthew explained, “As daft as David is, he does know how much he’s hurt Alicia, but he’s one of those people who brushes everything under the carpet.

“He pretends that it’s not happening – he just doesn’t want to think about how upset Alicia is.”

Matthew added, “I don’t think David understands his own feelings, either. He’s saying that it’s all about Jacob, who he thinks the world of.

“I don’t think he realises that he possibly has feelings for Alicia – he’s just putting it all onto Jacob and brushing the whole Alicia thing to one side…

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“There’s obviously something there for Alicia, and he asks her to keep living with him. Even though he’s with Priya, he still wants Alicia and Jacob to be there.

“David says, ‘I do love you, but it’s as a friend’. But as time goes by, that ‘friendship love’ is turning more into real love.

“David doesn’t really understand it himself.”

Of Alicia and David’s sham marriage, Matthew said, “All along it was only supposed to be a short-term thing while Alicia was in prison, but who knows what could have happened if Priya hadn’t been around?”

Matthew went on to say how awful David feels when Alicia tells him that she’s informed Jacob that they’re no longer together.

He said, “That’s horrible for David. He’s devastated because, to be honest, Jacob’s his only friend in the village apart from Nikhil!

“I think he’s gutted that he might lose one of his little sidekicks.

“Jacob’s devastated that this has not only happened to Justin and Alicia, it’s also happened to David and Alicia…

jacob gallagher, david metcalfe, emmerdale

“Jacob feels that it’s his fault, and David can’t get through to him that it’s not.

“David is pretty devastated about losing Jacob, and he doesn’t realise that he’s actually devastated about losing Alicia as well.”

And of Jacob seeing David kissing Priya, Matthew said, “I think he’s pretty devastated by it – the last thing David wanted was for Jacob to find out in that way.

“He desperately wants Jacob and Alicia to stay and live with him, but when Jacob catches them, it puts the final nail in the coffin.

“Later, David and Alicia sit Jacob down and David pleads with Alicia by saying, ‘Please tell him the truth because I’m getting it in the neck when I’m the good guy in this!’

“Jacob isn’t very happy when he finds out that they’ve lied to him about the marriage from the start.

“Jacob and Alicia move out soon after that, and David has lost his two best mates, really.”

And finally, when asked if there’s any hope that David might end up developing real feelings for Alicia, Matthew said, “Absolutely. I’ve felt that it’s been going that way for a year or so.

“People in supermarkets are always asking me when David is going to get with Alicia, so it’s what the people want.

“I think that will be the climax to the story. It’s where it needs to go as a nice ending to the love story.

“But I think it’s going to be a long time away, and there’s lots of twists and turns before that happens!”

Here’s a reminder of the moment it all began when David proposed to Alicia…

Would you like to see them together as a couple for real?

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