Emmerdale Spoilers: Megan leaves Home Farm, but is Declan having a breakdown? And Charity struggles to play happy families (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

megan, robbie, declan EMMERDALE_05

The drama in Yorkshire continues on Wednesday 11 December as we see that Robbie’s unhappy about leaving Megan alone with Declan…

However, he needn’t have been concerned, as we soon see that she’s arranged to meet Gil in the café, and she stuns the businessman when she tells him that she’d like to take him up on his job offer.

Later, Declan’s world is turned upside down when Megan tells him she’s taking the job with Gil and adds that she’s moving out today. Desperate for Megan to stay, Declan’s then devastated when she sticks to her word, telling him that it’s better for both of them if she goes.

However, Megan makes Robbie promise that he’ll continue living with Declan, confiding that she’s worried he’s heading for a meltdown. Is she right to be concerned?

Elsewhere, Rachel worries that Charity’s out for revenge, and Jai begins to seriously worry when Rachel doesn’t turn up to collect Archie.

rachel, archie EMMERDALE_2ND_EP_05

Later, Charity tries to keep it together when she finds Jai playing happy families with Rachel and Archie, but she’s thrown to hear it’s Archie’s birthday tomorrow. Grudgingly, Charity suggests they throw Archie a birthday party at Holdgate, but later, Charity admits to a worried Debbie that she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep her anger in.

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Also, Priya’s unimpressed when Georgia tries to set her up with a personal trainer, but there is an upside, as Priya finds out when she gets a reaction out of David while she flirts with personal trainer Rhys. Priya’s day looks up even more as she and Rhys arrange a date for tomorrow.

And finally, while Ross winds Adam up about Katie – and Katie wonders if she’s got Adam wrong – the war continues between Kerry and Val as they try and outdo each other with their Christmas decorations.

Here’s a look at what’s ahead this week…

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