Emmerdale Spoilers: Moira needs to get Cain out of the village so she can sell the farm! Will Adam help her when he returns? (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

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In next week’s episode of Emmerdale, Cameron Murray is in court over his crimes, which has of course left Debbie Dingle in a total mess emotionally…

And as we join the drama on Monday 23 September, we’ll see that Cain’s torn as to whether to stay with Debbie or go to France on holiday with Moira.

On Tuesday, we’ll see that Adam returns to Emmerdale, and Moira’s delighted of course, but it’s clear she’s hiding something from him.

Later, Moira confesses to Adam that one of their biggest clients has cancelled their order, and things are looking bleak for the farm, especially as Declan wants to evict them.

On Wednesday, Moira’s reluctant when Cain says he can get the cash to save the farm, but as she doesn’t want to go to John’s mum for money, she realises she might have to rely on Cain after all.

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Meanwhile, Charity’s intrigued when Cain asks for a meeting with Jai.

On Thursday, Moira knows she’s out of options after Jai declined Cain’s proposal, so she later lies, saying that John’s mum has agreed to give them as much cash as they need. But later, Adam’s shocked to discover it’s a lie, however, Moira’s keen to keep Cain from finding out the truth.

Later, after Moira makes enquiries about getting the farm valued, Adam suggests just letting Cain sort things, but Moira’s adamant that she won’t let Cain do anything that could land him in serious trouble while he tries to come up with a lot of cash…

On Friday, Moira’s caught out when Debbie sees how keen she is for Cain to go on holiday. Moira explains to Debbie why she wants Cain out of the way – so that she can sell the farm – and Debbie agrees not to say anything.

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However, Cain’s a bit bemused when Moira and Debbie tell him he’s going on holiday tomorrow to the Pembrokeshire coast. Will he guess what Moira’s up to?

Find out soon! For now, here’s a look at this week’s drama…

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