Emmerdale Spoilers: Rhona Kirk’s addiction to painkillers gets worse! Is she risking her career and even her life?! (VIDEO)

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Fans of Emmerdale will know that ever since she hurt her back in a drunken fall, vet Rhona Kirk (Zoe Henry) has been experiencing excruciating back pain, and has been reliant on painkillers to help her get through the day…

And of course, as her husband Paddy (Dominic Brunt) can’t practice while he’s under suspension, she’s been left with little choice but to dose herself up on the analgesics, just so she can keep their business going.

But now, Rhona’s left addicted to the meds, and though she’s currently keeping that a secret from everyone around her, her GP suspects something’s amiss, and sends Rhona into a panic when she reduces the dosage of her heavy duty painkillers.

So in the episode that airs on Monday, May 6, while the party at Home Farm – which is to celebrate Vanessa joining as a partner in the veterinary practice – is in full swing, an urgent call out sees Rhona leaving the gathering, and gladly, since she’s in a lot of pain…

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However, rather than dashing to the aid of the seriously ill animal, Rhona stops off at a chemist to get more tablets, but at Home Farm, Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) becomes concerned when the client calls to say Rhona still hasn’t arrived.

In the episode that airs on Tuesday, May 7, when Vanessa quizzes Rhona about her whereabouts the night before, Rhona’s evasive, which only arouses her friend’s suspicions even more.

However, by the time we get to Thursday, Rhona’s secretly glad that Vanessa’s is moving out and into Smithy Cottage, hoping that some distance will stop her constant questioning, but within hours of moving in, Vanessa realises she really doesn’t want to live alone…

In Friday’s episode, we’ll see her making a slight plumbing problem worse, just so she has an excuse to say that she can’t live in her new home until the problem’s fixed. So when she asks Rhona if she can stay for a few more days, cornered, Rhona has no choice but to say yes.

Will Vanessa get to the bottom of Rhona’s odd behaviour? And will Rhona herself find that she’s risking everything in order to get her fixes?

Find out next week! For now, here’s a look at this week’s dales drama…

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