Emmerdale Spoilers: Robbie risks a beating from Cain Dingle when he steals from Moira! (VIDEO)

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Emmerdale resident Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) has of course undergone rather a dramatic change in personality of late, and is determined to be as hard-nosed a businesswoman as it takes to make sure nobody stands in her way…

Her goal in life is money and making as much of it as possible, and she’s made it clear she won’t be taking any prisoners in her endeavours, so when her dad Cain (Jeff Hordley) repairs his girlfriend Moira’s 4×4 for free, Debbie’s furious.

She demands that he charge Moira (Natalie J Robb) but he refuses, which is a heated exchange that Debbie’s new employee Robbie (Jamie Shelton) overhears…

He then takes it upon himself to demand the money from Moira, however, she simply tells him to speak to Cain about it if he has a problem. So when Robbie then spots Moira collecting the money for the pub’s meat order from Chas (Lucy Pargeter) he formulates a plan.

To carry it through, he visits Butler’s however, Adam (Adam Thomas) tells him that Moira’s not in, but Robbie spies the envelope of cash and pockets it.

In the episode that airs on Tuesday, March 12, Robbie approaches Debbie to hand the money over, however, he’s left humiliated when she calls him pathetic and refuses to take the cash. Meanwhile, Moira’s discovered the money’s gone missing, and she tells Cain that she thinks Debbie’s behind it, and despite his protestations, he tells her he’ll sort it out.

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On Wednesday, March 13, Moira’s still annoyed about Robbie taking the money but Cain reiterates that he’ll sort it with Debbie, who he later confronts about the money going missing from Moira’s. However, though Debbie’s cold towards her dad, she says she’ll talk to Robbie.

At the garage, Debbie tells Robbie that Cain’s onto him and warns him to give the money back. However, he tells her that he’s used the cash to do a deal with a mate. So, to cover for him, Debbie tells Cain that she’s keeping Moira’s cash, and he’s taken aback when she says she’ll do anything for Sarah and Jack whether he and Moira like it or not. Cain later gives Moira her money back, but she knows it’s from him and not Debbie.

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Later, Robbie enters Pear Tree with a box of Vodka bottles, but he’s deflated when Debbie tells him she’ll call in the contacts. Soon afterwards, while he’s outside the garage, Robbie’s unnerved when Cain threatens him, taking money out of his wallet and warning him not to pull any more stunts.

Will Debbie sacrifice her relationship with her dad for money? And will she draw the line or stop at nothing to make more and more cash?

Find out next week, but for now, here’s a look at tomorrow night’s episode of Emmerdale…

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