Emmerdale Spoilers: Ross saves Gabby’s life! Will Laurel have to accept him into her good books now?! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

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When we return to Emmerdale on Wednesday 4 December, it’s to see Ross stealing money from Moira’s drawer after he gets a threatening text reminder from Marcus…

Acting the innocent, Ross offers to help Cain at work, and Cain, although suspicious of Ross’ motives, is swayed by Moira and relents.

At the garage later, Debbie’s aghast when Ross turns up to work, and she makes her feelings very much known to Cain. Meanwhile, Ross slips in to collect his bag and then makes his exit under the pretence of it not being worth the grief of having to work for and with Debbie…

He then makes his way to the bus stop, and at the garage, Cain fumes when he realises money has gone missing.

Meanwhile, an annoyed Gabby is bunking off school, cross that she’s not allowed a pony, for which she holds Laurel entirely responsible…

But when Laurel spots her stepdaughter, a row ensues and Gabby bolts into the road. Ross, who’s witnessed the exchange, clocks the arriving bus and instinctively throws himself in its path, pushing Gabby out of the way and taking the full force.

Will Ross be injured? And could he prove to be Laurel’s unlikely hero?

Elsewhere, Charity insists that she, Jai, Noah and Archie go out as a family, but it’s clear it isn’t going to be easy for her. Rachel also seems awkward about the set up, but as Charity tries her best to muster through a trip to Santa’s grotto, her composure breaks when Santa calls her “mum”.

emmerdale charity, jai

Also, Eric guesses that a lady waiting at the café is there to meet Rodney, and he deliberately scares her off. Rodney later fumes to realise Pollard has meddled in his business, and Bob has to intervene to stop the two going for one another!

Here’s a look at what’s ahead this week…

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