Emmerdale Spoilers: Sian Reese-Williams and Rik Makarem reveal the stress of filming Gennie and Nikhil’s wedding! (VIDEO)

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Emmerdale viewers will know that Gennie Walker and Nikhil Sharma are set to tie the knot next week, though of course, as we told you this week, and as is the way with soapy weddings, it may not go ahead as planned…

However, in this week’s TV Times magazine, actors Sian Reese-Williams and Rik Makarem, who of course play Gennie and Nikhil, have revealed that their soap wedding was every bit as stressful as the real thing!

Sian began the interview, and when asked, “What can we expect from Gennie and Nikhil’s wedding?” she replied, “It is not a typical soap scenario…

“The wedding is really a backdrop to Gennie having to consider saying her vows without her mum there.

“It is set over three episodes, so it’s very intense. There is a lot of twisting and turning; it’s fun, but very touching too.”

Rik added, “Everything is perfect. They have the ideal location, they are in love and Nikhil wants it to be this magical day.

“The real heart of the story though is the emotional playing field of Brenda’s trauma. Will she turn up?

“I suppose I would call it a colourful, flamboyant wedding with bags of emotion.”

As to what it was like to film the wedding scenes, Sian said, “It was intense and quite tiring.

“I was in make up for 6.45am in the morning and at work until 7pm at night and it took five days to film…

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“For some reason, I couldn’t sleep at night when we were doing the wedding scenes so I was very tired, which probably helped with all the emotional stuff.”

Rik remarked, “For me it was emotional. It’s the first time I have ever said wedding vows and for a second I was like ‘Wow, what if I was doing this in real-life?’

“When we did the first take, I had genuine butterflies in my stomach.”

He added, “The day had all the stress of a real wedding x10 because you have to film it all!

“But it is such fun whenever we do these group scenes on Emmerdale.

“Although we were doing some really serious, heavy scenes, there was a lot of laughter too. Matthew Wolfenden and Chris Bisson [who play David Metcalfe and Jai Sharma] are the cast pranksters and came up with games for the cast to play whilst they were waiting around.”

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And finally, when asked, “Would you want a wedding like Gennie and Nikhil’s – without the trauma, of course?” Rik replied, “I think that when I eventually get married, because I hope I do, the wedding will depend on the relationship.

“I think my desire would be to have a marriage, not just a big party that is for everyone else’s benefit.

“I think being amongst the people who are closest to you should be the most important thing.”

Sian agreed and added, “I could never have a 50s style wedding now that I have had one on screen.

“I think I would be more like Mick Jagger getting married to Marianne Faithful than say Doris Day getting hitched to Rock Hudson.

“My wedding day would be a little be more rough around the edges.”

As mentioned, we’ll see the drama of their will-they-won’t-they make it down the aisle wedding next week, but for now, here’s a reminder of Nikhil getting the idea to speed up his and Gennie’s wedding plans…

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