Emmerdale Spoilers: When Edna Birch collapses, it’s a race against time to save her life! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

edna birch, emmerdale

Poor old Edna Birch (Shirley Stelfox) has been battling in silence to survive ever since she discovered that her dog Tootsie had cancer and needed expensive treatment to save her life…

Broke Edna has been going without food and heating at home for months now, and it’s all taking a toll on her health, as are the damp conditions she’s having to live in while her roof’s repaired.

However, despite the fact that she feels terribly unwell, on Monday, February 25th, we’ll see that in order to pay the roofers, Edna has no choice but to sell her beloved father’s war medals, but when desperate Edna can’t find Rodney (Patrick Mower) she instead turns to Eric Polllard…

And he reverts to type by offering her just £150, when he knows full well they’re worth far more than that. And as we’ll see, Edna’s fully aware they are too, and later, she manages to get an offer of £400 out of Eric (Chris Chittell).

With a heavy heart, she hands over the medals and wearily goes home. However, while she’s feeding Tootsie, Edna suddenly becomes dizzy and collapses, slipping into unconsciousness on the cold floor of her house.

On Tuesday, February 26, as Edna’s still lying on the floor of her house, Jimmy (Nick Miles) wonders why he’s not seen his elderly neighbour, and he finds out why when he peers in the window!

edna birch, emmerdale 2

Summoning help, Jimmy kicks in the door to Edna’s cottage, and though he manages to rouse her, she stubbornly refuses to go to hospital, so the paramedics have no choice but to leave her in Jimmy’s care.

It’s not long before Jimmy realises what’s been going on, and he berates Edna for not telling him sooner about the dire straits she’s in, but a proud Edna insists she doesn’t want his pity or his charity.

Nonetheless, Jimmy insists that Edna go home with him – which his wife Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) isn’t impressed about – at least while she recovers. Edna agrees, but she is of course aware that Nicola’s being less than welcoming.

nicola, jimmy, edna, emmerdale

By the time we get to the episode that airs on Thursday, February 28th, the entire village has heard about what happened to Edna, and why, and well meaning but wholly insensitive vet Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) has organised a form of whip-round among the villagers…

She then happily presents Edna with a basket of food, which of course horrifies and humiliates the proud pensioner, who, after giving Vanessa a piece of her mind, seeks refuge in the church where an understanding and sympathetic Ashley (John Middleton) suggests that they pray together.

edna, vanessa, emmerdale

So what’s to become of Edna? Find out next week, but for now, here’s a look at tonight’s episode…

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.