Emmerdale Spoilers: Will Amy Wyatt’s son Kyle die after he falls into a river?! And Ashley has a proposition for Laurel! (VIDEO)

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On Tuesday 8 October, we’re to be treated to an hour-long episode of Emmerdale, and it kicks off when we see that Val and Amy feel guilty about how they’ve treated Eric…

However, a nervous Amy is hopeful they can get Joanie back on side, and sure enough, Amy brightens as an uncomfortable Joanie appears to soften.

Along with Val they take Kyle down to the river where Val makes awkward conversation with Joanie as Amy plays with Kyle. But Amy’s horrified when Kyle falls into the river!

She dives in to the rushing water in a bid to rescue Kyle, and as a frantic Joanie calls an ambulance, a terrified Amy cradles her motionless son…

Back in the village, Vanessa and Marlon are worried as a frustrated Paddy decides it’s time to tell Rhona it’s over.

A reluctant Paddy later allows Chas to come for a run with him, but he’s pleased when he makes amends with her and so suggests a day out. Paddy and Chas are then seen relaxing and enjoying themselves, but not for long as Paddy’s completely thrown when he sees Rhona walk in.

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Chas takes matters into her own hands when Paddy won’t approach Rhona, and she hopes she’s done the right thing when she sends Rhona over to talk. Will Paddy tell Rhona how he’s really feeling?

Elsewhere, Ashley apologises to an unconvinced Edna for snapping at her, and she advises him to stay away from Laurel. Edna also suggests Ashley starts rebuilding his life by concentrating on his calling from God.

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Meanwhile, Marlon covers his frustration as Laurel worries about Ashley. And though they’re thankful to Ashley for sending through the divorce papers, they’re thrown when he tells them he wants to officiate at their wedding service!

Marlon tells Laurel there’s no way, but upon seeing Ashley’s determination to get his license back, will Laurel agree?

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Also, Sean and Kerry are unimpressed about Dan’s plans to father Ruby and Ali’s baby, and while Rodney’s on a ‘date’, Rishi spots him.

Rodney tells Rishi the truth and promises to end his escort job, as long as Rishi doesn’t tell Georgia.

Here’s a look at what’s ahead this week…

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