Emmerdale star Dominic Power now feels part of the Dingle clan

Emmerdale star Dominic Power, who plays Debbie Dingle’s boyfriend Cameron, has revealed that he feels part of the Dingle clan now that his character has made an enemy of Carl King (Tom Lister).

As viewers will know, Cameron recently undercut the King’s haulage company to win a contract with the Sharma brothers to deliver their goods.

Carl King then slashed Cameron’s tyres, causing him to be too late to accompany Debbie (Charley Webb) to an important hospital appointment with her daughter Sarah.

So now, war is on between the men.

Speaking via the show’s official website, Dominic said, “I’m not a Dingle, but I’m hugely part of the Dingle clan and this escapade has made me feel more welcome in the Dingle household.

“Cameron is loving every minute of making Carl squirm…

“It comes back to the point where he tried to ruin things between Cameron and Debbie, and no one messes with Cameron’s Debbie.”

Dominic said Cameron won’t sit back and let Carl ruin his new haulage business.”

He added, “Cameron is a nice guy and I won’t hear anyone say any different, but he will not be taken for a fool.

“It becomes one retaliation after the other, so it kind of snowballs and it does get to a tipping point.”

And Dominic hinted Cameron would need to watch his step.

He said, “Cameron’s been hiding stuff so far and it’s about not letting it release too quickly out into the open.

“So if anything he’s got to keep checking himself.”

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