Emmerdale star Dominic Power tells us, “In soap land, it takes six killings before viewers demand a killer is brought to justice!”

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Last week, we met with the cast and crew of ITV soap Emmerdale at the show’s studios in Leeds, and while there, we talked to the gorgeous Dominic Power about his character Cameron Murray, who has of course already murdered Carl King and Alex Moss…

However, fans need not fear that Dominic is going to disappear from the soap any time soon – if Cameron is arrested and imprisoned for his crimes – because the actor told us, “I’m told that in soap land, it takes six killings before viewers demand justice.”

So yay! There’s four more to go before we risk losing Cameron!

Dominic added, “Yeah I’m told it does take six murders before viewers say, ‘Come on, get him out!’

“But what I’ve found really interesting on this show is how fast viewers can turn on a character.

“Like, before the murders, the director said to me ‘Look, this is all going to kick off, so let’s remind the viewers of what a great stepdad Cameron is.

“So we did that scene where Cameron’s using a golf club to play air guitar to little Sarah, but then you see his dark side too.

“But it is fascinating how opinion can change; how you can go from being the good guy to the bad guy.

“After the murders and the affair with Chas [Lucy Pargeter] and all that, I was really hated, right up until Cameron started having a go at Robbie [Jamie Shelton] and people were tweeting things like ‘Well I don’t like Cameron but I really hate Robbie!’

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“I suppose Cain Dingle [Jeff Hordley] must have had a similar journey when he first started.”

Indeed he did, and of course, Cain is one of the show’s best loved characters, and for me, so is Cameron!

Here’s a reminder of just how brilliantly Dominic portrays the many faces of Cameron…

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