Emmerdale star Jeff Hordley says Cain Dingle’s mean side will be back!

Since the Judgement Day attack, in which Zak Dingle (Steve Halliwell) beat the living daylights out of his son Cain Dingle, the Emmerdale bad lad has mellowed out somewhat…

Not only did Cain recently save Holly Barton’s life when she overdosed on heroin, but in forthcoming episodes, Cain will show his caring side yet again in how he treats Zak when he finds him lost and disorientated on the Yorkshire moors.

But fear not Cain fans for Jeff Hordley, who of course plays Cain, has revealed that his Mr Nasty is making a comeback soon.

First, Jeff explained to Soaplife what happens in the run up to Cain finding Zak in a distressed state on the moor.

He said, “Well, he’s had very little to do with his dad since it was revealed that Zak beat him up…

“The first time Cain realises Zak has gone a bit bonkers is when he finds him on the moors.

“He wasn’t going to look for Zak at all when he went missing, but his conscience gets the better of him, especially after he hears through Gennie that Zak has cancer.

Next, when asked how Cain feels when he finds Zak on the edge of a dangerous cliff, talking to his dead son Butch, Jeff said, “Frustrated at first. It’s only when it becomes clear Zak has gone bonkers that Cain shows the littlest bit of compassion in trying to coax him away from the edge to safety.”

As to whether Cain’s compassion towards Zak could be the start of healing the rift between them, Jeff said, “Cain told Zak and Lisa that while he would always keep up appearances in front of the family, his relationship with them was over because of Zak’s attack on him.

“Going up on the moors is a massive thing for him to do, but I’m not 100 per cent sure it will change things. You can’t forget something like that.”

And when asked if he’s enjoyed playing a hero, even if only briefly, Jeff said, “Yeah, it’s great. All that stuff I did a while ago when Nathan Wylde was being evil and Cain was tying him up and torturing him, it was like I was the hero even though I was being very nasty.

“I don’t think people mind when Cain turns into a hero. He’s a bit like a vigilante. He’s gone into his shell a bit because of everything that’s happened to him over the last year, but I’m sure he’ll come out of it and start doing nasty things again.

“I hope so anyway, because it’s fun playing a bad lad. But it’s also good playing a softer, gentler side – that’s probably a bit more like me.”

I must say, I love Cain when he’s being bad! Which do you prefer; nice or nasty Cain?

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.