Emmerdale star Kurtis Stacey teases that his character Alex has a side that “no-one’s seen yet”

by Lynn Connolly

Kurtis Stacey – who is the cousin of Shameless and Celebrity Big Brother star Tina Malone – first joined the cast of Emmerdale in April of this year playing the role of farmhand Alex Moss…

And from the get go, Alex has proven to be a ladies’ man and all round “bad boy”, but of late, Alex seems to have settled down, and is in a steady relationship with Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins).

But while speaking to Take It Easy magazine, Kurtis hinted that there’s an as yet unseen side to Alex which will come to the fore next year.

He said, “I enjoyed it more at first when he was playing the bad guy, because he was much more mischievous.

“Now he’s sort of turned nice, but in a way that’s good for me because it shows my versatility as an actor…

“He’s still in love with Victoria because she’s a girl with backbone who’s whipped him into shape.

“Basically I’ve transformed into a cheeky charmer, so you’ll be seeing more of that really.

“It’s all a front, though, because Alex has something inside him that no-one’s seen yet.

”I think we’ll see more of his bad boy side, and I suspect it’ll be a rocky road for him and Victoria too.”

Playing the part of Alex is Kurtis’ first major TV role, and when he first landed the job, he told the PA that he was nervous of “messing up.”

He said, “The way I tried to attack it was by telling myself it was just a job and like any job – you’re going to be nervous on the first day.

“But the reality was that this is what I’ve always wanted and I was terrified that if I messed up, that would be it and they might replace me!

“I didn’t know what to expect about working on set and how the directors would work.

“I tried to be as calm and cool as I could and keep my performance natural.”

Let’s have a reminder of Kurtis’ first appearance on the show, and the moment that he took the eye of young Hannah Barton (Grace Cassidy) whose heart he later went on to break…

The cad.

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