Emmerdale star Lesley Dunlop reveals that Brenda’s brain tumour plotline brings back sad memories of her mother’s illness (VIDEO)

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Fans of Emmerdale will of course know that Brenda Walker has been diagnosed with a brain tumour and is currently not only stubbornly refusing to have surgery, she also refuses to tell love interest Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) about it…

So for that reason, Brenda has ended her romance with Bob, leaving the single-dad confused and hurt over the sudden rejection. And what’s worse is that poor old Bob thinks his mate Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) is now dating Brenda, when in fact, he’s only looking out for her as he knows how ill she is.

We’re set to see more of that plotline tonight – and we have a preview clip for you after the jump – but first, Lesley Dunlop, who of course play stricken Brenda, has revealed that the storyline has brought back some painful memories of her mother’s illness and her subsequent death…

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Lesley – who formerly starred in Where the Heart Is and Angels – said, “I lost my mum, Marion, to leukaemia 14 years ago when she was just 68.

“She decided against treatment – just as Brenda does.

“Mum didn’t want chemotherapy. She’d seen friends who’d had it die during it or shortly afterwards.

“She had a 35% chance of survival with chemo, which was difficult because it gave us hope that she would make it.

“Doing this story is bringing those memories back.”

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She added, “Mum said she’d rather spend the year they said she might have with us, her children, than go through treatment. But she only had seven months in the end.

“I know from my own experience that Brenda is in a difficult situation, the kind where each person has to decide what’s right for them.

“You just don’t know what you’d do until it happens.

“I’ve been where Gennie, Brenda’s daughter, is going to be. I’ve been the one saying ‘Mummy please, you’re choosing to leave us and you’re my mum’.”

As mentioned above, we have a clip of tonight’s episode of Emmerdale which sees Bob becoming ever more angry about the wrong conclusion he’s jumping to…

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