Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter loves script surprises and Gaynor Faye’s biccies!

Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter has revealed that she loves to find a surprise waiting for her when her scripts for the show get delivered to her.

Lucy, who of course plays Chas Dingle, also revealed that newcomer Gaynor Faye is making herself popular with the rest of the cast by providing snacks and biccies!

But first, of how she enjoys finding out what’s about to happen to Chas, Lucy told Inside Soap, “Some actors chat to producer Stuart Blackburn about their storylines…

“But I’d just rather read what’s coming up in the scripts.

“I’ve no idea what’s in store. But the 40th anniversary is soon and there have been rumours that the Dingles will feature.”

Lucy then went on to say she’d just found out how her on-screen son Aaron (Danny Miller) exits the show…

She said, “I’ve just read the scripts for Danny’s final scenes, and I have to admit I was welling up.

“I’ll be gutted to see him go. I’ve watched him grow into a man, for goodness’ sake!

“Four years ago he turned up while on a break from his holidays for an audition, and he was a shabby little skinhead.

“We saw a spark in Danny which has grown and grown – and so has he.

“I’m proud to be letting him out into the big wide world as the man he’s become.”

And on to how Gaynor Faye – who plays Megan Macey – is settling in to the cast, Lucy said, “Gaynor has slotted in well. I share a dressing room with her and she is so neat and tidy! She brings in nuts and biscuits for us to snack on.

“She’s very chilled because her family live close by.

“Some people have to travel for miles to get back to their loved ones, and it puts an immense amount of pressure on them.

“Gaynor has worked under the strain of being on a soap before, so she’s definitely no rabbit in the headlights.”

And of course, we’ll see Lucy as Chas begin an affair with Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) in next week’s episodes!

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