Emmerdale star Mark Charnock says Marlon and Laurel “are meant to be”

Emmerdale star Mark Charnock, who of course plays unlocking in love chef Marlon Dingle, has revealed that he thinks his character and his illicit love interest Laurel Thomas, “are meant to be together.”

As viewers will know, Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) and Marlon have been trying to fight their feelings for each other, in view of the fact that Laurel is married with children.

However, they’re finding it hard to stay away from each other, even though both are desperate not to hurt anyone, especially Laurel’s husband, Vicar Ashley (John Middleton).

Speaking to the PA, Mark said, “If only they’d met before she met Ashley they would probably be together…

“In some way they were meant to be together. But they can’t be and that’s the tragedy of the situation.”

Mark, who’s starred in Emmerdale for fifteen years, said he found it “the most rewarding storyline I have ever had”, as it was so romantic.

He added, “Marlon tests her out saying ‘It was just a kiss, it doesn’t really mean anything’, but obviously the subtext is it meant everything.

“He says without wanting her to agree that they should be friends and she says yeah that’s what we have to be, and they’re holding hands.

“It’s a really sweet and romantic scene and they want so much more than that.”

Mark also revealed how guilty Marlon feels for harbouring these feelings for Laurel.

He said, “He’s hollowed out by it. I don’t know what he thinks he was hoping might happen.

“In an alternate universe they would be together but the reality is neither of them can go away.

“They know they’re going to see each other every day.

“He’s got to see this woman that he profoundly loves each day in another relationship, in another life and he can’t be with her.

“It’s quite a tormenting situation for him really.”

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