Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfenden on why David asks Alicia to marry him!

Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfenden has been telling All About Soap why it is that his character, David Metcalfe, proposes to Alicia Gallagher in a forthcoming episode of the rural soap…

And it’s not for love; at least, not on David’s part!

The plotline begins when Alicia (Natalie Anderson) panics at the thought of her ex-husband Justin getting custody of her son Jacob when she goes to prison.

As fans will know, Alicia’s facing a stretch in lock up after assaulting Val Pollard (Charlie Hardwick), and even though Val tried to drop the charges, the police decided to go ahead and prosecute, given that Alicia has a previous conviction for assault and because she pled guilty to attacking Val…

Of what Matthew had to say of the plotline – which sees David come up with the idea of a sham wedding in order that he can then rightfully claim custody of Jacob – he explained, “It happens when they’re sat together drinking wine one evening. Alicia’s broken down in tears, talking about how Jacob is going to have to live with his father and his new stepmum, who he hates.

“Then she says it’s unfair that, just because Justin’s married, it’s taken for granted he can provide a better home for Jacob.

“Something is triggered in David’s head, so that’s when he decides in a bit of a drunken stupor to say, ‘Why don’t we get married then?’

”[Alicia’s] shocked, mostly because she’s actually totally in love with David and he, as dopey as he is, is completely blind to it and doesn’t see this gorgeous girl has fallen for him.

“He just sees her as his mate and the truth is, he’s not proposing for Alicia – he’s doing it to keep custody of the little lad.”

However, what David doesn’t know is that when Justin sees how unhappy Jacob is at the thought of going to live with him and his new wife, he backs down and agrees that the boy can stay with David…

But Alicia conveniently forgets to mention this to David, given she’s head over heels in love with him!

Of that, Matthew said, “There’s an extra twist because Alicia finds out David could have custody of Jacob anyway, because Justin backs down…

“But she still goes ahead and marries him regardless. That all comes out, as does the fact she loves him – it’s all going to be revealed!”

Natalie is of course temporarily leaving the show on maternity leave, but she’ll be back before the end of the year.

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