Emmerdale star Sian Reese-Williams says Nikhil Sharma will “surprise” pregnant Gennie Walker

As fans of Emmerdale will most likely know, Gennie Walker is about to discover she’s pregnant…

And given that she and boyfriend Nikhil Sharma (Rik Makarem) have already talked about having children, and he vehemently told her he doesn’t want any, not unreasonably, Gennie’s nervous about having to break the news to him that he’s going to be a daddy.

However, while speaking to the PA about the pregnancy plotline – which will see Gennie giving birth in October during the show’s anniversary celebrations – Sian revealed that her character is set to be “surprised” at how Nikhil receives the news.

She said, “I think he’s going to surprise her with his reaction to the news.

“It’s not what she expected him to do at all. I think it will bring them closer together in their differences…

“I think we’ve got a lot of fun to come with this, even during the pregnancy and beyond with these two trying to bring up a child.”

Genie and Nikhil are of course something of an unlikely couple, what with him being obsessed with keeping fit and being so organized it sometimes pains Gennie – who can be a bit of a slob at times – and her being more of a cheese and wine than lettuce and spring water kinda gal.

But it’s that diametric difference that Sian loves about her character’s romance. She explained, “My favourite Gennie and Nikhil is when she’s being really horrible to him, and he doesn’t really know why. I love it when they’re like that.

“I’m hoping that hormones will keep that going, and he’s trying to do all the right things and she just rolls her eyes and tells him to go away.”

She added, “I’m just really looking forward to see how his anal neuroses deals with babies and mess and crying.”

Aren’t we all!

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