Emmerdale stars Charlotte Bellamy and Kelvin Fletcher talk village romances

Both Charlotte Bellamy and Kelvin Fletcher – who of course play Laurel Thomas and Andy Sugden respectively – have been talking about their characters’ love lives, or the lack of them, depending upon your point of view.

Starting with Charlotte, she’s told Inside Soap magazine that she doesn’t foresee a happy ending for her character and her vicar husband, Ashley (John Middleton).

As fans will know, Ashley and Laurel’s marriage has been under tremendous pressure since Ashley discovered that Laurel has feelings for pub chef Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock).

And despite many attempts on Laurel’s part to convince Ashley that it’s him she wants to be with, Ashley simply can’t trust her anymore.

Charlotte said, “What’s going on now between Ashley and Laurel is so dark and murky. I don’t know how they can ever get their relationship back on trac.

“Laurel’s trying to suppress and repress what she feels for Marlon, because she’s focused on the future – and for her, that means her children…

“Laurel blames herself for hurting Ashley and that’s why she’ll do whatever pleases him now. But she won’t be able to ignore her feelings forever.

”Too much has happened. If they split, Laurel would go to Marlon.

“She wouldn’t do it immediately, but what has developed between them is so strong that I believe they’d end up together.

“That’s what the audience seems to want, too.”

Another villager who’s doomed to have feelings of unrequited love is Andy Sugden, who’s played by Kelvin Fletcher.

He recently revealed that after his character sleeps with Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) to conceive a ‘saviour sibling’ Andy develops strong feelings for Debbie.

And subsequently, Kelvin has told All About Soap that he’s not sure how he would like the storyline of Andy’s crush on Debbie to resolve.

He said, “I love working with Charley Webb, so selfishly, as an actor, I think Andy and Debbie would be a great couple.

“But as a viewer, I’d hate to see Debbie walk out on Cameron [Dominic Power] because he’s a good guy.”

However, Kelvin added, “If Andy grows more jealous of Cameron, he might decide to use this knowledge as ammunition.

“Andy’s starting to believe Debbie likes him and he thinks Cameron has a right to know that, but he isn’t vindictive enough to use it at the moment…

“Although when you want something badly enough, you resort to extreme measures.”

Would you like to see Laurel and Marlon together? And what about Andy and Debbie? Or would you prefer she stayed with Cameron?

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