Emmerdale stars Danny Miller and Sophie Powles on their forthcoming plotlines

by Lynn Connolly

Both Danny Miller and Sophie Powles – who plays Aaron Livesy and Holly Barton respectively – have been talking to soap magazines about their characters’ forthcoming plotlines…

And for Aaron, a new love is on the cards, while for Holly, the return of an old demon is set to cast a long shadow.

Beginning with Danny though, he’s been telling Inside Soap that after all the trauma and heartbreak of Jackson’s death, Aaron is about to find love again with newly introduced character, Ed, who’s played by Lloyd Everitt.

First, Danny explained that we’ll see Aaron and Ed kiss for the first time in next Monday’s episode.

He continued, “Those who got into the Aaron and Jackson story from the start will still love Jackson…

“They might not take to Ed at first, but they will. Lloyd Everitt who plays him, is a great actor – he’s helping to make it all very believable.

“Aaron has a chance to learn from his past mistakes. This is a positive step for him – getting involved with someone new.

“Jackson is gone and now Hazel’s left the village, so this is about Aaron moving on.

“He’s attracted by Ed’s good looks and laid-back attitude – even if he’s trying not to make it too obvious how he feels.”

However, while there could be a happy ending there for Aaron, Sophie Powles’ character Holly Barton is far from happy…

And of course, both Sophie and Danny are set to leave the show soon, and part of Sophie’s final storylines in Emmerdale will be Holly’s return to drug dependency.

As fans will surely recall, Holly and her family went through hell as she endured a detox at home, but eventually, with the support of her family and friends, Holly managed to kick her addiction to heroin.

But as she struggles to cope with her grief over dad John’s death, Holly will once again succumb to the lure of drugs.

Speaking to Soaplife, Sophie said, “[She’s after] a fix. She needs the pain to go. She can’t cope at all – too much has happened.

Alex tells her she’s the strong one in the family, and says she needs to do whatever she has to do to get them through it.

“The only thing Holly can think of to numb the pain is heroin. She has no intention of OD’ing.

“She thinks she’ll have one fix and work out what to do next. She takes Alex at his word in completely the wrong way.”

Recent rumours about Holly’s decline have suggested that Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) will discover her unconscious at the garage, and it has been suggested that she could die as a result of an overdose, but that is so far only speculation.

Finally, Sophie said that Holly’s family probably can’t help her again.

She said, “They wouldn’t understand it’s her escape. It’ll always be an issue for Holly – the heroin ghost.”

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