Emmerdale star Rik Makarem says Nikhil is convinced his unborn baby is a boy!

As fans of Emmerdale will know, Nikhil Sharma is set to become a daddy in October when his girlfriend Gennie Walker gives birth to their baby…

However, there’s a long and somewhat rocky road to go before the happy event, and that journey begins next week when Nikhil proposes to Gennie, only to have the ring thrown back in his face once Gennie realizes he knows she’s pregnant.

It is of course Nikhil’s sister-in-law Charity (Emma Atkins) who spills the baby beans to the clueless factory boss, and he immediately decides there’s only one way forward; propose to Gennie!

And that’s all tickety boo, and she’s delighted to accept his proposal, right up until he lets slip that he knows she’s pregnant. Gennie (Sian Reese-Williams) has of course not yet told him herself as she feared he would be furious and possibly end their relationship.

However, the opposite is the case, and Nikhil – who’s played by Rik Makarem – couldn’t be more delighted, and once he convinces Gennie of that fact, things are again harmonious and the couple will make plans for the wedding and the arrival of little baby Sharma…

While speaking to What’s On TV magazine about the storyline, Rik also revealed that his character is convinced the baby will be a boy.

He explained, “I don’t think they know the [baby’s] sex, but Nikhil is subconsciously stating that it’s a boy, much to Gennie’s frustration.”

However, despite some tensions there, Rik added, “There’s lots of cute moments with regards to discussions about boys’ and girls’ names, and that kind of thing.”

But Rik, who has no plans to become a dad in real life right now, added, “It’s kind of strange to go through that process, reading the baby names and choosing out outfits… Oh dear!”

Don’t miss Nikhil’s proposal on Tuesday, 26th June at 7pm on ITV1.

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