Emmerdale’s Chris Chittell explains why Eric Pollard ends up alone… again!

When Val Pollard (Charlie Hardwick) upped and left her husband Eric and took off to Portugal for months, the hard-nosed Geordie expected to simply waltz back into the village and take up where she left off…

But of course, while she was away – having also cleared out Eric’s bank account – Eric began a relationship with Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop), who, though arguably not as exciting as Val, was a calm and steadying influence in the Pollard household.

However, Eric and Val have once again been growing closer as they share the common interest of their foster daughter Amy’s (Chelsea Halfpenny) welfare, and of course, Brenda can see that, and she believes that Eric still loves Val.

So, when Brenda spots Val kissing Eric in a forthcoming episode, she decides to take the hint, and so she gathers up her things from Eric’s house and tells him it’s over…

However, as Chris Chittell, who of course plays Eric, has revealed to Soaplife, Val instigated the kiss, and Eric pulled away from her, but by then, the damage with Brenda was done.

Chris began the interview by explaining that if Val had never left Eric, the chances are, he wouldn’t ever have paid any attention to Brenda.

He added, “Val changed him. Until she came along all he had in his veins was liquid money.

“He didn’t really have any thought for anyone else. Valerie has hit him where it really hurts – his wallet – so to admit that she means anything to him after that, well…”

And of the kiss the Brenda witnesses, Chris said, “Brenda’s upset when Pollard invites Val to lunch with Kerry, and Val pushes Brenda aside and sits next to him.”

And it’s during that lunch that Val kisses Eric. Of that, Chris said, “Valerie makes the first move, then it’s kind of mutual.

“But then Pollard pulls away and tells her off for being so preposterous for even considering that they might get back together after her deceit and what happened.”

Soon afterwards, a distraught Brenda tells him it’s over. Chris explained, “He’s upset because he’s fond of Brenda, and he’s upset that she’s upset.

“He wishes there were some way that things could have been resolved as painlessly as possible.”

And finally, when asked if he thinks Eric should – or will – take Val back, Chris said, “Well, she presses all the right buttons and you’re only here once. And there’s the danger!

“Much better to have a little danger in life than not at all.

“She keeps him on his toes and he responds to that.”

We’ll see the kiss between Eric and Val in the episode that airs on Thursday, August 16th.

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