Emmerdale’s Danny Miller almost caught in homophobic attack

Emmerdale actor Danny Miller was chased by a mob of men this week, who targeted him because he plays a gay character on the ITV show.

Danny is best known as Chaz’s son Aaron Livesy and was chased through Manchester streets as he left a gig with his pal.

As they mounted a homophobic attack, one of the crowd shouted:

“There’s that gay lad off the telly – let’s f***ing get him.”

An onlooker told The People: “It was terrifying. A group of lads shouted, ‘Oi gay boy, you out with your boyfriend tonight?’ “Another screamed, ‘Oi faggot, is that your boyfriend?’ Then the yobs started running and screaming, ‘Get him, get him.”

Miller wrote on Twitter: “A couple of drunken lads took a few swings at me. I haven’t been hurt.”

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