Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins (Charity Sharma) says she can’t wait for her character to find out about Rachel’s baby!

by Anna Howell

With the Emmerdale anniversary coming to an end tonight, having tied up most of the loose ends of current storylines, there remains one that is still lurking in the background, ready to explode – the identity of Rachel Breckle’s baby daddy!

Fans of the hit show will know that Rachel (Gemma Oaten) is currently expecting a baby after a one night stand with her married boss, Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson).

Whilst Jai has moved mountains to set her up in her own place and giver her and the baby security, and his word that he will be a part of his son or daughter’s life, his wife, Charity (Emma Atkins) remains blissfully unaware that her former cleaner is about to give her husband the one thing she refuses to, which also happens to be the one thing he longs for more than the world.

Charity put the stoppers on any dreams that Jai may have had of starting his own family earlier this year, much to his heartbreak, and nearly costing her their marriage. However, they put it behind them and Jai agreed to accept her decision and move forward.

But, when a pregnant Rachel came to tell him her good news, despite initially suggesting a termination, jai soon found himself warming to the idea, and so put plan-double-life into action!

Rachel hasn’t told a single soul, apart from Jai, who the father of her unborn baby is, as she promised Jai she wouldn’t, however Jai himself has managed to get himself caught out by his father when he left a scan picture in his desk draw, and so now it is only a matter of time before the cat gets right out of the bag, and Charity finds out.

Emma Atkins, who plays Charity, has commented to the Sun newspaper how she is “intrigued” to see how this story will play out when her character discovers the truth.

Speaking to the publication the actress, who pulled off a blinding performance on Wednesday night’s live episode, told the publication:

“I’m really intrigued. I don’t know how they will write it. I think Charity will be very shocked that she’d not worked it out, because Jai has essentially been leading a double life that’s been going on under Charity’s nose and yet she absolutely has no idea. Usually she doesn’t miss a trick. She’s a great detective. It’s going to be one hell of a revelation. I can’t wait to play it.”

She went on to discuss how interesting the role of Charity is to play, saying:

“She’s got a constant curiosity as to what she could make herself. She loves to learn. She’s quite a bright cookie. And even though she makes mistakes she learns from them.”

Meanwhile Chris Bisson, who plays Charity’s husband, Jai, recently confirmed that this storyline has a long way to go yet, saying:

“We’ve got a little bit of a break from it while we get through the live episode, then we’re straight back into it for Christmas and the New Year. But that’s a long-running story, so watch this space.”

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