Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins says “by hook or by crook” vulnerable Charity Sharma will find out what Jai’s secret is!

by Anna Howell

For once in her life Charity Sharma is gathering sympathy from Emmerdale fans as she struggles to keep her family together in every possible way.

First of all she has had to support her daughter Debbie (Charley Webb) get through her daughters illness, a pregnancy and then the discovery that her fiancée was having an affair with her aunty.

But, whilst occupied with all that, what Charity wasn’t aware of was the fact that her husband, Jai (Chris Bisson) had gotten cleaner Rachel (Gemma Oaten) pregnant following a one night stand.

With everything as calm as possible with regards to Debbie, Charity is now starting to notice the distance between her and Jai, especially as he has been on edge due to his premature son’s ill health, and without having a clue why, Charity is now finding her marriage slipping away from her.

Never one to give in, however, Charity is determined to get to the bottom of what is causing Jai to push her away, and Emma Atkins who plays the blonde bombshell spoke to fans via the official Emmerdale website to explain how it is going for her character!

“At the moment Charity is going through quite a transition with Jai.  They both have very different opinions about wanting children which is quite a delicate subject matter I suppose for lots of couples who reach that point where they discover that one partner in that partnership doesn’t want kids and never has, and hasn’t had the guts to be that honest because it is a make or break situation.

“For Charity for the first time in her life she is actually bewildered by Jai, and his behaviour, she does not have a clue why he is behaving the way he is and that’s brilliant for the audience actually as they know what’s going on – that he is actually the father to Rachel’s baby, and Charity is none the wiser.

“For someone who is meant to be so clued up, she doesn’t actually have a clue – she is rubbish, which is really great to play actually, because she shows a more vulnerable side.  She just can’t discover what is going on; she even does some detective work.

“Even Gennie (Walker, played by Sian Reese-Williams), who she doesn’t want to know that she feels like the underdog, so even speaking and confiding to her is quite a big deal for Charity.  She doesn’t know where she stands with Jai anymore, he is just being so secretive and aloof and it is horrible, it would be in any relationship to experience that feeling of detachment from someone that you really care about.  She is trying to discover what is going on and she is not getting anywhere.

“By hook or by crook she will find out what this secret is, she has to find out – we will see.”

Watch Emma and some of her on-screen family in a British Soap Award interview in the clip below:

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