Emmerdale’s Natalie Anderson gives birth to baby boy

by Anna Howell

Hurrah!!!  We have some happy news to report with regards to a soap star’s personal life for once, Emmerdale’s Natalie Anderson has given birth to a baby boy!

Natalie, who plays feisty bar maid, Alicia Gallagher in the hit ITV soap, told Unreality TV that she was expecting her first child back in April at the British Soap Awards and that she would be taking maternity leave from the show till the end of the year.
Since then fans of the show will know how her character has recently been sent to prison for hitting Val (Charlie Hardwick) when defending David (Matthew Wolfenden), who she was secretly in love with, when his step mother launched a vicious verbal attack on him earlier this year.

In a desperate bid to stop her son, Jake, from having to go and live with his dad and new step mum who doesn’t like him, whilst she is away, Alicia agreed to marry David before the court case so as to gain him temporary custody of the young lad.

Thus began the start of Natalie’s maternity leave, but today Hello Magazine have revealed that the actress, who had a long stint in the hit west end musical, Wicked, before joining the cast, gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday, August 1st.

According to the publication Natalie and her husband James Shepherd have not revealed the baby’s name yet.

The Emmerdale press team took to social networking site, Twitter, to express their congratulations to the new family, tweeting: “Lovely baby news! @AndersonNatalie has given birth to a gorgeous boy! Congratulations Natalie and James.”

Natalie’s due to return to filming before Christmas, which fans of the show will be pleased to hear, especially as her character revealed to David her true feelings before she was sent down, leaving a big cliff hanger to tie up upon her return.

When she discovered her departure storyline, Anderson told the Sunday Mail at the time: “I really thought they would say, ‘She’s gone off in a taxi to see her sister’, something really normal, and that would be that.

“Then this elaborate story came about with a previous conviction and I was going, ‘Thank you’. I just thought it was brilliant.

“I felt privileged they had thought of it that way. The producers have been amazing in the fact they have said I can take as long as I want to.

“I am not under any pressure. Personally, I love my job, and I am thinking maybe I want to come back towards the back end of the year.”

We would like to wish Natalie and James our sincerest congratulations!