Emmerdale’s Sammy Winward loves dramatic story line

by Anna Howell

This week sees Emmerdale’s Katie Sugden (Sammy Winward) back in the thick of it when the fire story line comes to it’s dramatic conclusion.

The village was left in shock and┬ádevastation in January after a fire ripped through several buildings and claimed the lives of two of the ITV soap’s regulars.

When the emergency services confirmed that the fire was a result of an arson attack, all fingers pointed to poor Andy Sugden(Kelvin Fletcher), Katie’s ex husband, but viewers were privy to the fact that it was in actual fact the work of psychotic Detective Nick Henshall (Michael McKell), who had become obsessed with Katie and thought the best way to win her over was to make her need him as much as possible.

Sick, but very crafty as his dastardly plan actually worked, so much so that not only does almost the entire village hate Andy and wholeheartedly believe he is guilty (lets face it, he does have form – ask his mum, oh wait you can’t as she dies in his last flaming escapade!), but he also wins Katies heart.

Henshall was taken off the case after his partner discovered his relationship with Katie, now left to her own devices, DC Laura Prior (Elaine Glover) is starting to find lots of missing details from the initial reports taken by Henshall, and is starting to get suspicious.

Panicking that he is about to be found out, Henshall convinces Katie to go away with him for a few days, first stopping at his house to sort a few things out. Unfortunately, he hasn’t done a very good job in hiding all the newspaper articles that cover the story of his wife’s death (great detective work!), who died in a. . . you guessed it . . . an arson attack!

As the realisation of what has happened occurs to Katie, the police surround the house and so Henshall holds Katie hostage.

Winward told We Love Telly: “It’s been a nerve-racking time, which I’ve loved.

“The fire was filmed during the snow storms and we had to be evacuated twice!

“And the siege has been the most intense thing I’ve ever done. There’s been a lot of crying and screaming. I was bruised from head to toe.”

Discussing Katie’s love live, Sammy added: “She always picks the wrong guy!

“Henshall seemed the perfect fella. It’s a shame he’s a psycho.”