ER: Oh Brother – Review and recap

by Lynn Connolly


Another great episode of ER opened with Iron Lady Banfied and her husband discussing the fact that his parents were coming into town for the weekend. She was not impressed and after doing her best to make him cancel, and failing, Banfield accepted that the outlaws were coming, but she refused to cook for them.

Meanwhile, Gates was trying to get Sam and her son to move in with him – and probably get into her undercrackers at the same time – but just as Tony was trying to come up with a really good reason why she should, the pair noticed a homeless man sitting in front of an ambulance, refusing to move…

In the ER, Pratt’s brother Chaz – who’s in his first year of medical school – was assigned to observe in the department but Morris, blinded with grief over Greg’s death, encouraged Chaz do all sorts of things he isn’t allowed to do.


One of the first being escorting a women to get an MRI but it turned out that nobody took the lady off of the metal gurney so given that an MRI machine is a ginormous magnet, she was pulled onto it, gurney and all and splattered face first against it. It was a pretty funny moment actually!

As Chaz continued to get a really lot of Morris’s attention, his fellow interns were getting progressively more p’d off with this special treatment. As all that was kicking off, Gates again tried to ask Sam to live with him, but newbie Daria got in the way.

Elsewhere in the ER, a young boxer came in and Morris again allowed Chaz to do procedures that he’s just not trained for with the result that Chaz cut the guy with a scalpel and blood issued forth from his nose like a fountain. Banfield clocked this and gave Morris and Chaz a telling off and warned them both to stop and desist, pointing out that Chaz was there to observe only.

But Morris wasn’t about to be deterred by Banfield so when the boxer needed a chest drain, guess who he let perform the procedure? And it went badly wrong… the tube Chaz inserted ‘slipped’ and caused the young man to haemorrhage from the cut and stop breathing.


Meanwhile, Neela had a run-in with Banfield about undermining her teaching abilities in front of her surgical intern but as Banfield doesn’t like Neela – especially when Neela interrupted an argument between Banfield and her husband – she gave her a flea in her ear once again.

With good old lardo Frank though, Banfield was a lot softer and she was grateful to him when he supplied a foolproof recipe for her to prepare for her in-laws that evening. She did swear him to secrecy over it though and didn’t exactly exude gratitude either.

Outside the hospital, Gates and Sam had another run in with the homeless guy, who this time had passed out in the street and then in the trauma room, the guy had a violent seizure.


As Sam was tending to him, she noticed that he had a tattoo that was identical to Tony’s; a paratrooper tattoo. When Tony asked him about it though, it was clear he was struggling to recall anything about it. Gates got him admitted to Neuro and finally then got to ask Sam to live with him. Sam basically laughed in his face and a bitch fight ensued, much to Daria’s delight because she’s got a crush on Tony.

Of coarse, after talking it over with Alex, Sam decided to take him up on his offer and they strolled off home together. Aww… but Daria’s going to be devastated! Bless her.


Back with the boxer, luckily for Chaz and Morris, he made it through surgery but would never be able to box again. That bit of news was music to his father’s ears – he didn’t want his son to box – but Morris had a really hard time telling the boy he couldn’t live his dream.

Following this touching moment was another tear jerking scene when Morris apologised to Chaz, explaining that every time he sees him, he thinks of Chaz’s brother Greg. Chaz then told Morris that although he appreciates Morris looking out for him, he knows he isn’t ready to perform medical procedures.


Ending the show was Banfield, showing up at home to greet her mother-in-law and to plant an apologetic kiss on the cheek for her long suffering husband.

In case you missed it, here’s a clip of the highlights of last night’s action…

I can’t wait for next week’s show Heal Thyself because Mark’s back in it! Yay! Here’s the synopsis of the episode… ‘While trying to save a little girl who fell into icy Lake Michigan, Banfield relives the death of her five-year-old son, who was attended at County by Dr. Mark Greene.’


Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.