ER: Parental Guidance

by Lynn Connolly

Well, last night’s episode was yet another fantastic trip on the soon to be dry docked good ship ER.

The poor interns are still having a tough time; they almost died last week and this week, determined to shape them all up, Banfield assigned each intern to an attending and told them to report to her daily. Brenner of course got the hot blond Tracy, but even she wasn’t enough to make him forget his burgeoning feelings for Neela…

The interns weren’t the only ones having a bad time though; new chief Banfield got mugged but given she’s as tough as old boots, she beat the bejesus out of the mugger, then took him into the ER!

Gates sort of step-daughter Sarah turned up in ER with an unwelcome surprise for Tony – she’d had her tongue pierced, and he wasn’t a happy chicken about it.

Another teenager was in the ER too but she had a much more serious problem. She was a gymnast who apparently fell from a wall and possibly just as nasty as her injuries was her pushy mum and odd sister Clare.

The gymnast, Julie, stopped breathing but before she did, she told Gates and Banfield that she was pushed off the wall. They immediately assumed the girl’s mother had done the deed and further assumed that she was abusing both her children, so Children’s Services were called.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to get closer to Neela, Brenner asked Dubenko what she likes and dislikes. He told Brenner Neela loves stupid movies and salsa dancing, and added that if Brenner hurts her, he’d take out his gallbladder! Go Lucien!

Also in the trauma room, a son came in with his mother who had Alzheimer’s. The pair had been in a car accident and when the father arrived, he yelled at his son accusing him of having been drunk when he got behind the wheel, however a blood test proved he was sober. Eventually the dad had to allow his son to see his mother but it was clear they’ve got some issues going on that wouldn’t get resolved in a hurry.

While that was all going on, the gymnast was in a cubicle with her sinister sister and suddenly, an alarm went off. It turned out the girl’s oxygen supply had been tampered with she was only on a dangerously low 21% – it should’ve been 100% – and no sooner was that drama over, Julie set on fire! Brenner put the flames out but Banfield noticed the creepy Clare hanging around looking menacing so fearing that she knew what was going on, she ordered an intern to watch Clare.

Banfield then went to talk to her and she gleefully admitted what she’d been doing, saying she just waned her mother to notice her. Since Clara was a threat to herself and others, the doctors grabbed her and had to restrain her so she screamed at Banfield that she’d kill her, leaving the ice maiden chief looking distinctly spooked. And I don’t blame her… that was one scary kid! Here’s a clip of it…

Back with everyone else in ER, Gates got Sarah to take the tongue piercing out by while Neela finally agreed to a date with Brenner but said that meant a coffee only. The smooth talking Aussie snake told her that he reckons she’ll end up in his bed one morning soon and despite Neela’s determination that it won’t happen, Brenner isn’t going to give up that easily!

The end of this episode was again all about Banfield who, in flashback, was in the trauma room, listening to the docs trying – and failing – to save someone, but who? We’ll find out soon no doubt but rumour has it, her young son died in County’s ER. Bless her.

Next week looks even better because Ray’s back – albeit briefly. Here’s a clip….


Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.