Eve gets suspicious in tonight’s Lightfields – ITV1


Lightfields continues it’s series on ITV1 tonight and the third episode is as full of mystery and drama as each one that’s gone before.

The series follows on from previous drama Marchlands and follows three families that each lived in Lightfields farmhouse at different time periods but who have all experienced something strange and supernatural in their home. They are plagued by the ghost of a teenage girl who died in mysterious and tragic circumstances.

1944 – Even after the police insist that Lucy’s death had an accidental cause, Eve is not won around and goes hunting to find what really happened. She approaches Martha to get to the bottom of the mystery, but as soon as she mentions an airman, Martha clams up. Albert is no more help and he is finding it hard to cope with Eve’s continued presence and refuses to listen when she claims there is more to Lucy’s death than meets the eye. Elsewhere, Vivien has come across a letter penned by Eve to Lucy before she died, on the day she passed away. Harry glimpses the document and reads it before Eve can stop him. He is shocked by it’s content as it seems Eve detested Lucy all along.


1975 – Claire tries to get more details about Vivien’s earlier life but is getting nowhere and Vivien fails to mention that she’s been having flashback, memories and nightmares revolving around former years spent at Lightfields. Things take a spooky turn when Vivien finds a typed document in her typewriter that she knows she didn’t produce. Clare tries to bring a sense of calm but is frightened and worried by the development. The next night Vivien hears a noise and when she investigates the typing has started again, but this time the note is directed squarely at her.

Lightfields 1

2012 – Luke causes havoc when he starts a fir but Pip blames Lucy and thinks she is trying to harm his beloved grandson. Paul uses the incident to further his own agenda, while Barry tries his best to convince social services that Luke is safe living with them. He later has a less than friendly conversation with Paul. Meanwhile Pip is spending more and more time with Luke as he tries to protect him from his sister.

Lightfields, tonight ITV1 at 9pm. Leave your comments below…