Exclusive interview with Coronation Street’s Elizabeth Tan (Xin)!

We all watched with our breath held on Friday, as the moment we had all been expecting, and secretly longing for happened, when Graham and Xin admitted their true feelings for each other, and sealed the deal with a kiss!

It has not been long since we witnessed the fake wedding of Graeme (Craig Gazey) and Xin (Elizabeth Tan) in order to secure her visa, at the request and organisation of Graeme’s real girlfriend, Tina (Michelle Keegan). The thought and sentiment was lovely, even managing to win over the likes of Norris Cole but we all suspected deep down that it would end in tears.

Over the last few months we have watched Xin and Graeme develop a close friendship and Tina developing a deep jealousy and resentment. It was hard to not secretly root for the pair, who combined would make one of the cutest soap couples in history, even while we witnessed the heartache it was causing to Graeme’s real girlfriend.

With things about to get even more complicated now that their true feelings have been put on the table, I caught up with the lovely Elizabeth Tan who plays Xin to ask her about what her recent scenes were like to film, and what the future holds for them all.

Hi Elizabeth, thank you for speaking to me. Firstly, we all watched Xin and Graham admit their true feelings for each other on Friday, have you enjoyed the storyline?

I’ve loved the storyline. It’s quite a juicy role with a good character arc. I also love the Corrie cast I got to work with!

We could all see the kiss coming, but things don’t go completely according to plan for them, do they?

No, now things get sticky and Graeme has to choose between Tina and Xin.  Things are very difficult now, Graeme is confused and Xin feels hurt and also bad about Tina. She may just leave to Edinbrough.

Who do you enjoy working with the most on coronation street, and who do you wish you could do more scenes with?

I would love to do more scenes with Norris and also with Sacha and Brooke. I also like and think that Jason is a fun character too!

Do you watch any of the other soaps, and what is your favourite?

Corrie is definitely my favourite soap because the characters are very entertaining and the storylines are always funny as well as dramatic!

What does the future hold for Xin, and does it include Graham?

I can’t say if Xin’s future is with Graeme but she has definitely fallen in love big time! She just can’t help it.It’s very tough for all 3!

Will Xin and Tina’s friendship survive this situation?

I hope their friendship will survive this but matters of the heart always make people behave in unpredictable ways! It’s going to be tough.

We know that Graham is leaving Coronation Street, is that a result of his relationship with Xin?

It could be … Graeme will be missed!!

With Graham out of the picture, who out of the rest of the male cast would you want to see Xin getting together with?

Probably Norris, haha!! But maybe Xin may be suited to someone like Jason, Tommy or one of their mates. They are all lovely blokes.