Exclusive interview with Emmerdale’s Nick Miles (Jimmy King)

It has been several weeks now since Emmerdale’s Jimmy King was hit over the head by his crazy ex girlfriend and lost his memory. Now that we are watching his memory return on our screens, I had a lovely chat with Nick Miles about what it was like to play someone with amnesia.

Jimmy King (Nick Miles) was always Mr Nice Guy of the King family, never one to cause a fight, never one to hurt anyone and always the one to put things right. So it was a huge shock to us to see him choose scheming Kelly Windsor (Adele Silva), his ex and attacker, over his beloved wife Nico (Nicola Wheeler), and their daughter Angel.

It all started when the haulage boss was finally being found, after being missing for weeks. Jimmy was discovered by his family in a Peterborough hospital, having had a blow to the head and losing all long term memory of who he was and what had happened to him.

Viewers had seen that he had been meeting his ex Kelly, in secret and that it was she who had hit him with a torch but were left still unsure as to the why’s and the how’s.

Returning to the village with no memory of his wife and taking an instant dislike to her, we all watched in horror as Kelly followed him to the village and schemed poor Jimmy into believing that they had been having an affair, before presenting him with their supposed son Elliott.

Believing the minx, Jimmy chose her over his old life, leaving Nicola heartbroken. But in true Nicola fashion, she did not stay sad for long. Soon anger and rage took over the reigns and of course as soon as she’d decided to divorce Jimmy, his memory came back, in particular his feelings for her.

Is it too late for the perfectly suited pair? I spoke to Nick via social Networking site, Twitter to find out:

Hi Nick, thank you for speaking to me. Firstly, hats off for playing jimmy with no memory, it must have been so hard, how did you find doing it?

Was nervous about it so did a lot of research into retrograde amnesia, but actually enjoyed playing it, Jimmy was so vulnerable.

You did it excellently, were there any times when you slipped up during filming and said something the old Jimmy would have said by mistake?

No, we were very careful about that, key jimmyisms were going to come back as his memory returned so we were watchful.

We are all very glad to see Jimmy’s memory coming back to him now, will it return completely, and will it unlock new information regarding Kelly and Elliott?

It comes back completely but that’s no help for Kelly. Jimmy’s happy to accept Elliot as his son, he doesn’t question it Always wanted kids

Was it nice to work along Adele Silva again, and what was the off screen chemistry like between her and Nicola Wheeler?

Adele Silva is lovely to work with and she and Nic get on great, one of the nicest things about the job is working with folk from past

I can imagine, two of the biggest questions on everyone lips are, is there any hope for Jimmy and poor Nico?

There’s always hope for jimmy and Nico, but you can bet your arse she’ll make him suffer for what he did, sick or not

And, is Elliott really Jimmy’s son?

Yes he is

A big thank you to Nick for giving us this exclusive twitter interview!