Executive producer Kieran Roberts claims ‘We are very in touch with the soul of Coronation Street’

Kieran Roberts has denied reports that Coronation Street is on a freefall and shedding viewers, because of some massive change in it’s ethos.

The ITV soap’s executive producer has hit out at tabloids who claimed that Producer Phil Collinson was about to be sacked, because he made the show ‘too gay,’ while the future of Michelle Collins as new landlady Stella was also in jeopardy, as viewers failed to warm to her character.

The News Of The World reported that Corrie lost almost 25% of it’s viewers last month but hitting back, Roberts told Radio 5 Live’s Breakfast show:

“I think it’s a storm in a teacup at the moment. There are a few newspapers who seem to have latched on to some notion that the programme has fundamentally changed and that ratings are on the slide.

“That’s just not true. We are very in touch with the soul of Coronation Street. We talk to the creator Tony Warren all the time. We know what the show is and we work very hard to keep it that way.”

He added:

“This notion that there is suddenly a plethora of gay characters… Well the four regular gay characters we’ve got; one of them has been with the show eight years – that’s Sean (Antony Cotton), Marcus arrived with us originally four or five years ago and went away and came back, Sophie Webster’s obviously been with the show since she was born and has been questioning her sexuality for the last couple of years now.

“So it seems odd to me that this has suddenly sprung up now in the last week or two. Again, I think that’s nonsense. I think this is being driven by one or two tabloid journalists.”

Do you agree with Kieran? Is Corrie the same old soap you know and love or are you getting bored or tuning out for another reason? Leave your comments below.