Extreme Parental Guidance: Jo Frost tackles difficult six year old Madison tonight…

Jo Frost continues her new series tackling more parenting issues.

Six-year-old Madison’s mum and dad have sought advice from just about everyone to help cope with their daughter’s tantrums and see Jo as their last resort. Bedtime is scary for Layla, so scary that in all of her five years she’s never slept a night in her own bed. She creates such a disturbance that she gets into mum and dad’s bed. With her baby brother already there and her younger sister following her – no-one gets to sleep when it’s five in a bed.

And this time the roadshow deals with the parenting generation gap with a dad aged 64 and a 26-year-old mum who can’t agree on how to parent their children.

Speaking about the episode, Jo told BANG Showbiz: “Madison has an older sister, and her parents came to me saying her behaviour was really unruly and out of control.

“They had spent a lot of money on psychiatrists and doctors and homeopathic pills and everything else because her behaviour was so bad.”

However, when it came to the crunch, Jo explained all Madison’s despairing parents had to do was “look at themselves” in order to solve their parenting problems.

She added: “Madison’s behaviour was secondary behaviour created by all these emotions and feelings of being caught in between mum and dad. It wasn’t an amicable situation, it wasn’t serene – it was volatile, there was a lot of bitterness and resentment.

“So I had a wonderful opportunity to speak to both parents and say to them in the nicest of no nonsense ways – as I do – ‘You need to pull your b****y socks up. You need to get yourselves together here’.

“The parents of Madison, they had done everything except look at themselves. If you meet me you kind of get introduced to yourself really.
‘Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance’ is on Channel 4 tonight (20.07.11) at 8.00pm